Sweet flower bouquets look very original and perfectly suited as a gift. Even the schoolchildren will be able to make such a beautiful article themselves. To do this, you will need the simplest tools: a small knife, scissors and a small flight of fantasy. The making of compositions with the help of sweets is very fascinating and at the same time economical. The cost of a gift of chocolates with their own hands, as a rule, comes out, two to three times lower than what was bought in the store. For different holidays, using accessories of the upcoming celebration, you can make your own unique bouquet: anniversary, birth of a baby, New Year, March 8, Defender of the Fatherland Day, etc.

Gifts from chocolates with your own hands: a rosebud

  • the scissors
  • scissors for paper
  • corrugated color paper
  • candy round shape
  • foil
  • decorative gold thread
  • glue gun

Their size will depend on the size of the flower you are going to make for a gift of sweets. It will be with large or small petals.

For this role, hard wire, a bamboo stick for shish kebab or an ordinary wooden rod is suitable.

If you make several such flowers, then you will get a whole bouquet of sweets made by yourself. You can experiment and go further, create a more complex composition. For example, it can be a big berry or a grape cluster, which is made on the basis of an oval piece of foam. Also, the material can be a frozen construction foam, from which the desired shape of the workpiece is cut.