You decided to take home the cat or the cat chose and bought a kitten. Of course, you want your pet was playful and affectionate. It is therefore very important foster kitten. Today, the land of the Soviets tell you how to raise a kitten.

The first thing you should remember – cats are much harder to train than dogs. and some do not succumb at all. So “blind” from the animal what you want, will not be so easy, so foster kitten needs to begin from an early age. The most important foundations of education are laid kitten under six months.

Primarily for the education of a kitten is very important to the environment. It should be comfortable, the animal must quickly adjust to new surroundings and new people. Better not to pick up the baby from the litter too early, separated from its mother, brothers and sisters. Wait until he is weaned off the mother a natural way to raise the kitten will be much easier. Moreover, many types of animal behavior are laid to three months when dealing with the mother and other kittens.

How many kittens to take? Many owners decide to keep the house more than one cat, but several – that it was not boring. Indeed, the two cats will play with each other, spilling the excess energy and even aggression. Together they will not be bored and boredom to spoil the furniture and potted plants. But at the same time to take two kittens from the same litter, not worth it. They will stick together, and the result will be unsociable.

If you want to take the second kitten, wait until the first birthday. So you will be able to raise the kitten together with “veteran”. It happens that the kittens are not getting along with each other. To “make friends” feed the kittens together from the same bowl. One of them may refuse to eat, but after a day or two, the hunger will overcome the antipathy, they'll have together and then play together.

For the proper upbringing of a kitten is an important mode of feeding. Teach your kitten to eat what he is given, otherwise it will grow finicky. Of course, under the “giving” does not mean harmful or poor quality food. An adult cat or cat is enough once a day. Do not feed the kitten from his plate. The fact is that animals has its own hierarchy, according to which the first cats eat the highest status. As soon as you offer a kitten food from the table, he realizes that his rank is higher than yours, respectively, and it will behave prudently that difficult foster kitten.

By the way, the same applies to your bed. In fact, for the kitten your bed is a symbol of power and supremacy. There is concentrated most strongly of your scent. Once you allow your cat to lie down on your bed, you actually compare her rights with them. And driving it off the bed you show who's boss. That's just to start doing it from early childhood. First, the kitten will firmly know their place, and secondly, if an adult cat has already established their right to lie on the bed, and then they suddenly began to expel – it is fraught with resentment and aggression.

Foster kitten does not tolerate excuses. If you something is permitted or forbidden to him – it's forever. From an early age you need to teach your kitten to the tray and scratching posts. To accustom your kitten to sharpen its claws only with a special plate can purely mechanically, taking him by the legs and forcing him to tear the claws. Make sure not to accidentally make the kitten hurt. And you can use Catnip or Valerian, then the smell will attract the kitty and he starts to tear the claws where it needs to be done, and will not encroach on your furniture.

All kittens love to play, for them gaming is a way of learning and practicing certain behaviors. Try not to play with the kitten with your hands, better use special toys, rope with candy wrappers, sticks. Then in the future, the kitten will not be scratching you. If the kitten still clawed you – punish him. Of course, brute force to the animal can not be applied. A good method of upbringing of a kitten – a quick flick on the nose, which will give him to understand that you can't do that.

Some kittens are scratched when they are taken in their arms, because they are scared and unfamiliar.To accustom your kitten to the hands must gradually: take him in my arms for a few seconds and then let go, to let him know that there is no danger. But to take a small kitten on hands be very careful. Place one hand under the neck and chest of a kitten, and the second will support him from behind. Kittens should not be taken by the scruff – you can make the kitten hurt, and he will cease to trust you. If you have small children and haven't grown up kitten, do not allow them to take the animal. They will begin to squeeze and hug him, and this will disrupt the digestive system.

Education of a kitten is not such a difficult matter, if you know how to properly educate. A little love, a little patience, a little bit of self-control - and you can raise a kitten affectionate, calm and non-aggressive.

Ducky, train it is not difficult how many times she was taught. nasypte in the tray filler in the first and the second cat then you will not regret there is now a pile of napolniteley I take cheap 7L 100 p. but most of all I like woody, he still dhavla and not smell like cat urine when cat pee smells of wood. You need to follow the cat as he only eats and drink milk, watch him as he begins to settle immediately take it out and serve it in a tray after a week of training your cat regularly will write only in the tray. I have a cat now year never no where shit and if the toilet is closed begins to meow loudly and run

I have a cat!

You know, I tried to punish his Vasilisa: by the Pope to beat, and on the nose clicking. But she still does not understand that it can not be done. Please, advise something!

And cats change teeth (Mol. – Post.)?

I have a cat and he's a freak doesn't help or anything,my arms and legs are scary looking I ripped all hands take yells like crazy,bite,scratch and discharges,my morning starts at 5.30 min as his Majesty woke up and dropped under the covers to bite more painfully and so I finally got up he was bored you see,I have nerves,thoughts slip to take the bad and throw it off the balcony,what to do it is not know he can't be controlled,kitty 4th month help Board or I lost my nerve.

can't teach a kitten to the patch. Can you recommend something?

I taught for a long time,but added that he now goes to tray)))
Need to wash where he writes very well and ahead a special tool called “antigadin”, but in any case not to plicate on the tray. after popshikalo it there will not go.and you need a kitten to take up and lead directly to the tray and take it in the belly (so he pads across the floor was) and lead to the tray and he will know the way to your toilet,but it's not once done)))and even better not to let him in there where he writes,just close the door and leave the place where the tray is)))good Luck!

Olga, I, too, kitty likes to scratch,( 3 months 1 week) I read that you can wean with the help of pulverizator. helped me. when he bites psikey in his face! also my sausage with him all night impossible to sleep, and asleep I have it in another room, there are 2 chinchillas all night they kuralesyat. can grow up to be calmer you are, good luck, love and patience

Olga, to teach him not to bite, you can spray him with pulverizator and sleep better in another room I have the same thing