In today's master class, we offer you to make a decorative plate of newspaper tubes with an element of decoupage. It will add your home coziness and warmth that can only give decor made by your own hands.

We will need:

  1. Paper drinking straws. We use rolls of glossy magazines, they don't get their hands dirty and they are very convenient to operate
  2. Spoke No. 3
  3. Glue stick
  4. PVA glue
  5. Acrylic paint is water based
  6. Cardboard
  7. Paper napkin with any pattern
  8. Stain (or paint for eggs, hair, etc.)
  9. Lacquer furniture
  10. Brush

Home decor with your own hands – step by step instructions

  1. First, you need to prepare a small number of paper tubes. Cut a sheet of glossy magazine or newspaper into strips of a width of 55-60 mm To do this, put the needle to the lower left corner of the paper strip and begin to tighten it around the spokes. When clocked, the tip lubricated with glue and pressed, and then gently pulling the needle from the straw.
  2. Cut out of the cardboard two identical circles of this size, whatever you would like to have a decorative plate. On a circle we apply a layer of glue with the help of glue-pencil or PVA, we wait when it dries.
  3. Imposed paper smeared with glue on a circle of cardboard and carefully iron with a hot iron. Turns a flat surface with a pattern. Bend the edges of the napkin, glue the bends.
  4. The second circle of cardboard well lubricated with white glue, spread around the circumference of the paper tube at a distance of 15-20mm. Then cover it all around, decorated cloth. Leave to dry under the yoke. (If you don't want to wait, you can use a glue gun, all stick together instantly).
  5. As soon as our billet dry, you can begin weaving of paper tubes. Weave usual weave, "rope". Insert one tube into the other, fold in half, wrap a tube around the workpiece and begin to weave.
  6. Weave a few rows. The amount depends on the size of the finished plates.
  7. Once all wove, proceed to priming the finished product.
    For primer mix equal parts white glue and acrylic paint, add a little water, stir well, — we need the consistency of liquid sour cream. The primer is applied to our product carefully, a small stiff brush a good coat between the rows of weaving. Leave to dry.
  8. Once dry, you can paint our decorative plate in any color according to your desire. You can use stain, paint eggs, hair. We took the stain, the color of mocha, and covered the product in 2 layers.

So we did by hand great decor for the house — a plate of newspaper tubes. I hope it adds to your "home" warmth and comfort.