Everyone at the mention of Russian folk costume of an Association with a wide colorful dress, decorated with ribbons and embroidery. Types of this decoration there is a great variety, because each province had its own peculiarities it cut. Therefore, if you decide to sew a folk dress for girls, it can be very Breakfast is luxurious and deaf, with buttons or a seam in the front or completely straight and with straps.

How to sew a sundress for girls with their hands?

The necessary materials and tools

  1. Fabric (cotton, wool, velvet, satin, etc.).
  2. Thread color of the material.
  3. A pair of scissors.
  4. Sewing machine.
  5. The tape.
  6. Ribbons and ruffles for decoration.

Step by step instructions

  1. If you are puzzled by how to sew a sundress for the girl in the folk style, start with choosing the right material. Traditionally considered red, but there are others. The quality and brightness of the tissue plays an important role, because people's sundress for girls should be very colorful. Better if it will be monochrome or in small, inconspicuous ornament.
  2. Then make a pattern. For this you need to measure the growth of girls from the armpits to the floor. The adult length of the product can be in the floor, but when sewing a sundress for the baby better make it a few inches below the floor line. Measure the circumference of the chest, and then multiply the resulting number by 2 or 2.5. So you know the desired width of the skirt of the sundress. You can also optionally raskleit it down, what you need to sew 2 or 4 parts, extended hem.
  3. Do some cutting the other parts. If you want to make the yoke, you need to draw a strip, the length of which is equal to the circumference of the chest and another 6 cm on each side. Its width is 9-12 see This Russian sundress a girl should have the width of the straps is 7-10 cm and the length not less than 40-45 see If there is excess, cut off the fitting.
  4. In the manufacture of the dress is made of several parts need to neaten the edge of each seam with zigzag or with serger, then sew side seams. The rear does not flash completely, leave a slight release for the clasp. Edge fasteners should be bend and flash in the form of an inverted "U" at 1 cm from the edge.
  5. On top of the skirt do the big stitches, the stitching, and then pull it out to make it 4 cm shorter than the length of the yoke. The folds should be evenly distributed. Then sew the yoke, aligning on the center. The joint should be placed in the area of the clasp. The edges of Basque also should neaten.
  6. Strip yoke bend in half to the ends to stitch from the inside. Unscrew them, and then fold the side that is still free, and hand baste. Only after that need to flash machine.
  7. Now you need to neaten and encourage hem. Thereafter, the yoke sew on buttons and do on the other side of the loop.
  8. The straps need to sew inside out and then turn. The sundress sew them so that the inside edge was hidden. The girl put on the product and cut off the excess length of the straps. Sew them closer to the clasp, otherwise it can fall off.
  9. Russian folk sundresses for girls and adults is accepted to decorate on top, the hem, the straps, which used embroidery, ruffles, ribbons, fringes, etc.

You already know how to sew a sarafan for a girl in a folk style. We hope our tips and patterns have become useful to you.