If you are planning to surprise the child with an interesting surprise, and at the same time and take up an unusual hobby, you can try sewing a doll. Dolls made with their own hands, of course, will not much resemble store copies. However, such a creation will have an individuality. Such a doll will be a wonderful toy, with which the kid will be happy to do. And for its attractiveness, it will not be inferior to the same type of industrial designs.

Puppets own: what will be required?

  • tights made of capron, it is better to take not too dense;
  • sintepon for packing;
  • sewing thread and floss;
  • flap cloth - for the dress;
  • needle, pins.

How to make a doll by yourself: step by step instruction

Let's start with making the head. It is necessary to take kapron tights, a little sintepon and thread. We put the sintepon in kapron, in the front part we form a smaller ball - this will be the nose. First, make a nose bridge. For this we use threads and a needle. Next, we make cavities for one nostril, then for the second.

Further it is required to enlarge the cheeks. This is done through a cut from the bottom (where the cervical section). Where there should be lips, stick in the sausage from the sintepon. "Draw" them with the help of loops.

Eyes can be made from buttons independently, or use for this purpose eyes from an old bear cub or doll. Eyelids are easy to make out of pantyhose. To do this, you need to double the pieces and paste them to the so-called eyeballs. Turn the remaining part slightly. The head can not turn out the same as we originally intended, but this is the beauty of the doll made with our own hands.

The body of our future toy is made up of a wire frame, which is lined with sintepon and pantyhose. We begin to make the frame from the head, then weave the neck, the wire diverges to the sides, forming the hands, and again joins, then to disperse, outlining the legs. In the end, the wire must be secured to the belt.

We wrap the frame with a sintepon. After that, we trim the body with capron. We begin to do this with the treatment of fingers, we remove each finger. We repeat this procedure with stops.

Finally we sew the back of the head with the face of our future doll.

For making hair, use a children's wig. You can use Santa Claus's beard. Hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins or elastic bands, as in the photo. Hair is better not to comb, you can only shake them a few times to straighten your hair.

You can sew a beautiful dress or a suit for a doll.

Master class, how to make dolls, you can see on the video.

How to make dolls from nylon stockings: secrets of

Do not feel sorry for the wire when you make your hands, it's better to cut off the part later.

To mark the location of the ties, use bulavatski.

Synthetic should be torn, not cut. So the surface of the doll will be more even.

When you wrap your hands around the toy, twist the wire in one direction, and tighten the sintepon as tightly as possible. So the fingers of the toy will be less loose and not too thick.

Sewing dolls with their own hands - this hobby is not only unusual, but also quite fascinating. And such a gift will delight and make you feel respect for a man who has made his efforts to create an original craft.