Winter brings about changes in the overall style of clothes of each person and the item, like gloves, definitely will not be superfluous. Between home and bought always there is a difference, both in quality and design. This is because, choosing on their own, how to knit mittens knitting, you can pick any pattern or design and get beautiful article of clothing that can be proud of. After all, you will connect the mittens themselves.

What you need to think about before you decide how to knit mittens?

Of course, their purpose. Mitten can perform several functions: to protect from cold, protect from foreign objects (e.g., a grid with the products to bear a lot more comfortable if there is a MITT), to complement the overall style of clothing (so carefully chosen color and pattern). Depending on the options selected thread. They can be wool or wool blend, viscose, cotton, synthetic etc it makes sense to take or dark, if the mitten is designed to perform job functions, or one that you like and goes well with a coat or jacket.

How to knit mittens knitting, if you still do not have to?

All when doing something for the first time. And even if the spokes – tool complete strangers, it makes no sense to panic, to use them is a snap. To the mitten turned out great, will need more than one needle, and as many as 5. But only one of the stages of mating, when the turn comes to the finger.

Each novice, after hearing statements from experienced masters, is thought to wield a lot of knitting is a great skill. In fact, in knitting can be used at 4 and 10 spokes, and still no special skills are not necessary. And all because the contact always takes place between two spokes. And the rest is canvas.

If the astringent takes the thread in his hands for the first time, then it is not necessary to try to knit at once with a pattern - this will complicate the process.

Why and how to knit mittens knitting?

So the glove kept on hand, you start with gum. Not to say that this is the only way. Don't like gum, you can do without it, although it is not as convenient. People linking at least one pair, maybe try to do more complex things. On the other hand, if knitting is confident in his abilities and understands that the knitted item will get an attractive, you can immediately start with complicated tasks.

Gradual process

  1. Loop gain in a standard way into two needles, a third needle you will need to knit.
  2. After a certain number of loops are typed, half of them are tied to one spoke, the second half to the second.
  3. Then end the loop on one needle and starting on the second connect, and continue knitting.
  4. At the end of the work, there will be a slight discrepancy at the point of the first inflection, but if the mating is more dense, then the junction will not be any different.
  5. All loops can be divided not into two but into three or four parts – the main thing that bound had no trouble. Otherwise, for beginners you can always find a simplified scheme to use.

The easiest way to tie mittens knitting is to use hosiery mate, with the number of loops that you need. If you need a down-filled set of mittens, then tie them will be much easier than to acquire, and cheaper. Plus, linking can legitimately be proud of its work and continue to insulate the family, preparing a new gifts to its members. See how quickly and correctly all you need to do, you can live on the topic.