If you are tired of everyday life, and wanted to bring new colors to your home. You will be helped by small details that will not only refresh the interior, but also make it more cozy and warm. Today we will tell you and show you how to knit crocheted crochets with elongated loops, which, no doubt, will please your household members, especially children.

How to knit washcloth crochet, video

Even a novice needlewoman can tie such a loofah. It does not take you much time and effort, and the result will definitely be pleased. In addition, for the product you can use the remnants of any synthetic threads that you have left. You will also need a hook. There are two ways of knitting crocheted hooks. First, type the number of loops you need and fasten 2-3 rows of air columns without a crochet. Then in the next row we make a cuff on the finger and fix the thread, like a regular loop, and so on until the end of the row. The next row is tied with the facial smoothness. You can repeat stretched loops through a row, if you want more fancy fringe or less, at your discretion. More detailed description of this technique can be found on this video:

Another version of this technique involves the use of a cardboard blank or ruler. When knitting of elongated loops begins, then for convenience put a cardboard or ruler. This method will be more suitable for beginners.

How to knit elongated loop hook for wool: step by step instructions

For such a bath wonder you will need a thread and a hook. The number of threads will depend on the size of the product. We knit the handle first according to the scheme:

The length of the handle can be adjusted according to your desire, but 40-50 cm will be enough.

The width of the handle can also be increased, if you want.

Now smooth the handle and connect the edges into the ring from the air loops. This will be the basis for the future washcloth.

Now proceed to perform the air loops. We make a cape on a finger, fix it. We alternate rows with each other without facings.

For beauty, you can use any contrasting thread for finishing.

Rows can be repeated through one or make strips wider.

After you finish working with the wool base, tie one more handle as described in the beginning.

It turns out that such a beauty!

Unusual elongated loops crochet for pads circuits for beginners

Many mothers are familiar with the situation when a loved one refuses to take a bath. To you to the aid will come here such amusing assistants who will turn the hated occupation into the fascinating game. For example, you can make yourself a sponge-mitten in the form of an unusual frog.

The scheme for the glove is quite simple. On it you can make any other animal that your kid likes, or a fairy-tale character.

To begin with, try making a small loofah, and then proceed to a larger one.

Using the same technique, not only can make the sponge completely, but also to execute some of the details that will decorate the already familiar things for you.

With the help of elongated loops, even your old washcloth can become an interesting little animal or find a new life.

If you are interested in such hand-made masterpieces, then the crochet crochet patterns with elongated loops and detailed tips will definitely help you. Try it and you will succeed.