The crystallization process is time consuming and will require you to have certain skills. There are a few ways to grow beautiful crystals of salt at home: by cooling and removal of water. We will tell you how from one solution to grow a single large or many small crystals.

How to grow a crystal of salt at home

In order to grow a crystal of salt, you will need to decide what method you will use. The simplest is the method of evaporation when the container of the salt brine is served on top of the paper and the salt crystal is gradually formed itself, you only need to permanently add fresh solution. You can also use the method of cooling the solution.

Please note: if you cool the solution very quickly, you get lots of small crystals, if slowly – they will be much less, but their size will increase.

At home you can also achieve a beautiful color of your crystals. For this you need to choose a salt of the desired color. It can be a regular white table salt or sea salt blue.

To the note: it is not necessary to paint already ready solution with paints or any other dyes, since the desired effect from this will not be anyway. The color of the crystal depends only on the salt from which it was made.

How to make a salt crystal at home video

For the manufacture of a salt crystal by yourself you will need a capacity for growing, saturated salt solution (you can use any that you have at home), a small crystal. The desired crystal can be easily found in a large table of rock salt or sea. It is better to hang it so that it does not touch other crystals or the walls of the cookware, then it will acquire a beautiful shape. The aqueous solution must be cleaned first. You can use filtered or distilled water. Water from the tap most likely is not suitable, because it contains impurities of various salts and chlorine. All this adversely affects the quality and productivity of the solution. A detailed method for growing crystals in domestic conditions of the various salts you can look at this video:

Gradual growing salt crystals

So, step by step instructions on growing the crystals of salt at home:

  1. you need to prepare a saturated salt solution. Purified water is slightly warm, dissolve in it the salt. Of salt should be enough so she is fully dissolved. Its amount depends on the amount of the added water
  2. even warm salt solution, place in a bowl, where you will grow the crystal. Consider the desired size of the crystal
  3. you need a small crystal will attach to a string and lower into the solution. It is desirable that it does not touch the walls of the vessel
  4. next, place the dishes in a slightly dark place where no one will touch or move
  5. top pot cover with paper or a thin cloth and leave for 2-3 days.

Important: after you have lowered the crystal into the solution, it cannot be removed and lowered back unnecessarily. Top capacity is necessary to cover that the water does not get dust, dirt and debris. But if you cover the capacity is too tight, water can not evaporate, and the crystal will not grow. Do not forget to constantly top up with fresh solution instead of the evaporated.

Taking advantage of our advice, you will certainly get to grow crystals from salt at home. It's quite simple and very interesting.