Most people, having a garden, arrange it flower. And, of course, can not do it without roses. Because these flowers have so many fans. However, they need proper care. After hibernation you need to remove the cover from the flowers, to prune and to make fertilizer. Because many people will be interested to learn how to care for roses after winter.

When open roses after the winter, and how to cut?

As soon as the snow cover comes down, it is necessary to make small holes in the available shelters of rose bushes. This will not allow the development of the friction and contribute to natural ventilation. In the evening and heavy clouds, roses can be opened, and the shelter can be completely removed only after a stable daily temperature and no night frost threat. After that, it is worth to trim the plants.

First of all, you need to start with those shoots that during the wintering season are frozen and browned. Cut 2-3 cm below the edge of the damaged branch. Remove sick, damaged, moldy and decayed shoots. If the bushes are not observed, then make an ordinary thinning. Carrying out the roses after the winter, the repairing varieties should leave 6 shoots, they have from 5 to 8 buds, in the case of old shrubs - up to 10 shoots. In climbing varieties, cut off shoots to a strong external kidney, and leave 4-5 kidneys in tea-hybrid roses.

Cut off is until Bud break, when new bushes are pruned to the maximum for the growth of strong shoots in the lower part of the Bush, which will make it more lush. Adult Park bushes and climbing roses completely remove old shoots and partially young. In other cases, after the removal of the painful parts of the plant all the branches are pruned twice, leaving at least 5 mm of the escape above the last buds.

Caring for roses after winter

Do not forget that after removing the shelters you need to collect and destroy all the leaves and branches under the rose bushes. After all, this is an excellent breeding ground for spores and pests, chosen by them for wintering. Also, in order to prevent the kidneys from swelling, it is worthwhile to spray the plant and the surrounding soil with a solution of copper sulfate (2%) or Bordeaux liquid (3%). Or you can use specialized solutions: Azofos, Oxihom, Topsin, Fundazol, etc. This will scare away from the bushes of pathogens of gray rot, rust, powdery mildew. Spraying is best done a few days after the clipping of the bush.

Springtime is the process of enhanced growth, because rose needs to fertilize. Best of all, if the selected combination of organic and mineral fertilizers. You can also use complex fertilizers, the content of ammonium nitrate or nitrogen. A week later to fertilize infusion of chicken manure (1:20). In the rainy autumn application of nitrogen top dressing should be repeated after 14 days, alternatively you can loosen the surrounding soil with scattered in humus (half a bucket under a Bush).

Caring for roses after winter, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the case of dry soil after fertilizing should be abundantly watered flowers. And do not forget as often as possible to loosen the ground under the plant - this will help to prevent the possibility of moisture stagnation. Many other tips you can see in the video, which step by step tells about how to care for roses:

Follow these tips, and roses after the winter will come to life, gain strength and will please you throughout the summer and autumn with their beautiful flowers. But every gardener always wants to enjoy such beauty long warm evenings.