One of the most favorite Pets for many people, of course, rodents. Many animal lovers give birth at home hamsters, rats, Guinea pigs and chinchillas. Did you know that there are even homemade squirrel?

Of course, much more common to see a squirrel in the woods or in a Park than in a city apartment. But still homemade squirrel has already managed to occupy its niche in the diversity of Pets. Take home a wild squirrel is not necessary – it is unlikely to survive in captivity, and may die from stress. Better to buy a home squirrel in the pet shop or kennel.{!LANG-60376e48e6572673ed690969ed6bd558!}


But home whites will not always be in a cage, so they must periodically release. Before you release the squirrel from her home, hide all the things that she can ruin everything that can cause harm to the animal. Close Windows and doors, clean out wires and sharp objects, hide away all valuables. The squirrel will move around the house at lightning speed and with her usual curiosity to interfere in your Affairs. To catch a squirrel and put it in a cage by force is impossible{!LANG-ebb5afe70aa792473bbcf66be23e23f0!}

Food protein pine and fir buds or buds, catkins of aspen and willow, young leaves. Squirrels also eat fungi, seeds, nuts, acorns, wild berries. Homemade proteins do not disdain fruit: pears, apples, bananas, and in winter – dried fruits. In nature, squirrels sometimes eat eggs and insects, therefore it is necessary from time to time to treat their quail eggs and mealworms. Order homemade protein was healthy, her diet should contain the vitamins and minerals. Source of calcium may serve as ground egg shell, fish or beef bones. In any case it is impossible to give the squirrel food from the table, especially sweet, fatty, salty or peppered. It is strictly forbidden to feed the domestic protein almonds – it is poisonous for them! Food protein twice a day and fresh water should be present in the cell constantly.

Homemade protein not to overfeed.{!LANG-6e4228035c55875b43eadc43bd7f91dd!}

Homemade protein – clean animals that do not require careful maintenance.{!LANG-3e377d8889db238b0d466e21cd9f6aef!}

Two squirrels in the house is better not to keep. Not the fact that they like each other, even if animals of different sexes. Most likely, home two proteins in the same apartment will quarrel, to divide the territory and find out who's the boss, with the help of specific sounds.

Pets squirrels are very intelligent animals{!LANG-43e33f35f15687e7e4fc93c290d962d4!}