Summer heat makes you look for options for salvation. Air conditioning to carry with them will not work, in the refrigerator to sit all day is also not an option. If there is not even a small breeze on the street, then to move away from the fan is akin to a catastrophe. Fortunately, many centuries ago came up with a fan, which became the best friend in the summer heat for many women. How to make a fan yourself, we will consider step by step instructions.

How to make a fan with your hands?

Master-class is better to master right away in the process of work - so much more effective and interesting. Conditionally fans are divided into three categories:

The Chinese fan is easy to do. Usually, for this purpose, peacock feathers were fastened together. But to find them on sale, and even at an affordable price - is more difficult. Therefore, it is better to stock up on one-off forks and make a fan of them yourself.

In the finished form it will become European. You will need:

  • 23 plug
  • tape anything like
  • lace
  • artificial flowers
  • glue moment
  • cardboard
  • disk
  • scissors
  • pencil.

A circle is drawn on a piece of cardboard. The easiest way is to circle the disk with a pencil. Now it must be cut and cut into the same halves. Fork half of the cardboard are laid out forks and glued by handles in length by 2 cm. At the top of the fork teeth must touch. When all forks are glued, the second part of the circle is glued on top.

It remains to decorate the fan, but it is better to do this when the glue is already seized from all sides. Through the teeth of the forks, a ribbon stretches out - it can be clearly seen in the photo.

In fact, instead of one wide tape, you can use several thin ribbons of different colors, or make a two-color chess. There are enough options. The ends of the tapes are fixed with glue on the edge of the teeth.

The middle of the product will look more effective if you supplement it with an artificial flower, which is fixed with an adhesive tape or a bow. That's all.

How to make Japanese fan?

Children love Japanese fans and with pleasure they make of ordinary sheets of paper. True, the paper fan does not last long, so it is better to craft a little piece of art and use it as necessary by the whole family. It will take:

  • A4 sheet
  • two flat sticks
  • pencils or paints;
  • Scotch
  • elastic thread or rubber
  • beads.

A master class on how to make the wind out of paper?

A4 sheet cut in half in length. On each half you can draw anything, not necessarily Japanese. Each rim is folded like an accordion. The width of the bunching not more than about 1 centimeter. Tape both strips in turn one. Then you need to fold the accordion and in this state wrap one end in a height of 2 cm.

Now, on each side of the fan, one stick is stuck with the help of an adhesive tape. On sticks it is possible to attach a strip of scotch on top for reliability. So that it does not close by itself, it is necessary to fix it with an elastic band. Here it can be decorated with beads to make a beautiful and decorative, which will keep the fan open or closed.

How to make a fan yourself, you already know. This simple and convenient thing will always come in handy. Such crafts can be done with children. They will definitely like the workflow and its result.