In the winter and early spring jackets are almost the main detail of the women's wardrobe. To always look stylish and fashionable, it is worth learning how to create knitted female jackets with your own hands. In this article, we will detail the knitting of women's jackets with knitting needles with patterns and descriptions.

Knitted women's jacket with his hands with coral trim

A beautiful combination of coral and dark gray flowers will be an excellent decoration of your image. The size of the finished product: 36-40, the basic pattern is knitted according to the scheme, the loops in the purl strings are knitted according to the pattern. The elastic band is knitted as follows: the front row consists of 1 facial crossed, 1 facial, 1 faceted crossed, 2 purl; purl: 2 facial, 1 purl cross, 1 purl, 1 purl cross.

The density of knitting will be 22 p. X 22 r. = 10 x 10 cm.

For work you will need:

  • 200 g coral yarn
  • 200 g of dark gray yarn
  • spokes №5 and №4,5
  • hook №3,5.

First we knit the back. We begin knitting with knitting needles 4,5 and coral yarn. Having typed 86 loops, we knit them with an elastic band. After knitting 5 cm, you need to go to the spokes number 5 and add 16 loops. Thus, in each group of 3 facial bands - 102 loops. They knit a dark gray yarn with a basic pattern. Having drilled 30 cm (from the beginning), you need to close 9 loops for the armholes on both sides (total 84 loops). Thus we sew another 6 cm, add 9 loops on both sides (total 102 loops). When 54 cm from the beginning of work, it is necessary to close a total of 62 loops on each side for the shoulder brakes (in each second row there are 6 x 1 loops, 4 x 2 loops, 1 x 6 loops). After 6 cm more, you need medium 42 loops to close for the future cutout of the neck, each side ends separately. Now, to round off, it will be necessary to close 3 * 3 loops on the inside of each second row. The remaining last loop is closed 64 cm from the beginning of the mating.

The next element is the left shelf. It also starts with spokes 4,5 and coral yarn. The elastic band is made up of 41 pre-assembled loops. After knitting 5 cm, we pass to the spokes No. 5, simultaneously adding 7 loops for each group of 3 face bands (total 48 pieces). It is matched by the main pattern of dark gray yarn. The projection and the shoulder bevel are performed, as well as for the backrest (total 28 loops). Having knitted 56 cm in this way, on the left side, we close for cutting the neck in each second row 1 x 8 p. 3 x 3 p. 5 x 2 p. The remaining one loop is closed 64 cm from the beginning of knitting.

Symmetrically, we unscrew the right shelf.

To tie the straps, you need to dial 8 knots of coral yarn on knitting needles # 5. They join the shelf with handkerchief knitting. Do not forget to make a buttonhole on the right bar (as shown in the diagram). All hinges are closed 56 cm from the beginning of knitting. The straps of the sleeves are knitted with knitting needles 4,5. Type coral yarn 33 loops, go to spokes number 5. Then the loops are distributed as follows: 12 loops of elastic band, 9 - handkerchief knitting, 12 - again of gum. This way, 5 cm to the bottom of the sleeves, the rubber bands are attached, the work continues on 9 loops of garter stitch with the attachment of the outer loops to the side lines of the sleeves. All hinges are closed 35 cm from the beginning.

By connecting the slats and sleeves, we perform the assembly. We sew the shoulders and sides. To perform the bar on the neckline, you need to dial 126 loops of coral yarn on spokes number 4,5. Loops are knitted as follows: 8 loops of handkerchief knitting; 27 - gum, 7 - garter, 42 - gum, 7 - garter, 27 - gum, the last 8 loops - handkerchief. All hinges are closed 8 cm from the beginning of the bar, turn it inwards and sew. Tie all armholes with crochet # 4 of gray yarn. According to the scheme sew buttons.

Knitting women's jackets: advice

Create a beautiful knitted female jackets can not only an experienced craftsman, but also a beginner needlewoman. The main thing is to follow simple advice:

  • do not rush, carefully read the descriptions, study the schemas
  • knit carefully, strictly counting the number of loops
  • connect with like-minded girls on the discussion forums – they will tell you what and how to do it properly, explain obscure points schemes
  • do not go for complex patterns, start with a simple to fill out.

Following our advice and scheme, you can create beautiful knitted female jackets, complementing your image with beautiful clothes.