Lovers engaged in scrapbooking or creating vintage gizmos from paper do not use ordinary paper for their work, as it will ruin the whole idea of ​​the original craft. But since it will always be very expensive to buy an old one (and it's still unknown whether it is really old or just someone has done a good job), then it will not be superfluous to learn how to make an old paper with your own hands in several ways.

How to make old paper at home?

There are several simple and affordable ways to ensure that the paper, picture, newspaper look old. For example:

  • with coffee
  • with the help of tea
  • with the use of milk
  • under the ultraviolet.

Finally, the old appearance is attached with the help of fire, iron and other auxiliary factors.

How to make paper from old paper, quickly and inexpensively?

To the effect of antiquity was natural, nature spends many centuries, but the ordinary masters sometimes do not even have a few weeks, so the proposed methods mean the fastest and inexpensive aging. How to make an old paper in the sun, many know from their own experience - the newspapers and sheets left under the sunlight quickly turn yellow. If in the summer for several days to hold, for example, a picture under the ultraviolet, then all the signs that gave it a novelty and freshness, completely disappear.

Another simple way to create an old paper at home is to use milk and iron.

In addition, they will need:

The essence of the technology is simple: a crumpled and aligned sheet of paper is wetted with milk with a cotton swab. After that, the sheet should be dried with an iron. He unfolds himself on a blanket, so that fatty spots or some dirt do not "smooth" him. The finished old sheet will look appropriate and lose its new look.

With the help of coffee or tea, making paper even easier. From tea or coffee, strong tea leaves are made - the harder the welding, the darker the result will be - the paper is dipped into it and then sent to dry. To improve the effect, you can first crumble the sheet and then dunk in the brew. The photo shows how to make paper through tea, and on the video you can see the way - with the help of coffee.

How to make vintage paper absolutely reliable?

For this purpose just and useful skill of possession of a cigarette lighter. Picturesque scorches on the edges, or even in the center of the sheet, a burnt outline, will make an indelible impression on the one for whom the palena is prepared. For a more accurate depiction of the contours you need to burn, you can use a pencil, with which lines are drawn.

From such sheets it is quite possible to twist scrolls, which are used as invitations to weddings and other events. To make the scroll truly original, it will need to be decorated with a wax seal, although the wax can also be used. Perhaps experimenting, it will be possible to open its way of sealing ancient scrolls.

Only before you spend a lot of time, coffee, paper and strength, you should mentally assess the success of your idea. Perhaps the invitees do not have a craving for vintage and will accept the invitation, as a way to offend them or save on postcards. After all, how to make an old paper, not everyone knows, so only the person who tried to do such things himself will be able to realize the depth of his efforts.