Childhood of each child is inextricably linked with all sorts of handicrafts. Parents who know how to make a cap out of paper with their own hands, collect a frog, build a house, always become a subject of admiration for kids. So, for the pleasure of seeing their enchanted eyes, it's worth practicing in advance. Especially since a paper cap is always useful for working in the suburban area, rest on the beach, and not just in thematic games with children.

Paper cap: varieties and variations

First of all, the paper cap is associated with the children's audience - they are interested in wearing such headgear, playing games, introducing themselves as someone. Using only your own hands and several office or artistic auxiliary items, you can create a whole range of images for the child.

The result is:

You can do all the caps on one pattern, trying to change with watercolor colors and buttons, or you can even fold the shape of the cap differently.

How to make a hat out of paper for different images?

In order not to encounter difficulties, the first time to fold the hat is to be done step by step, relying on detailed instructions. It's best to open a description with a photo or even a video.

However, help is needed, most likely, moms, since fathers also made capes, frogs, and other interesting things in childhood.

For the craft:

Before looking how to make a cap from paper with your own hands, you need to decide for what purpose you intend to use the hack. If for myself as a protection from the sun, then you can do the newspaper – this piece will last no longer than one day.

If the caps are made for thematic games, that is, not one-time use is planned, then it is worth choosing a cardboard. In form, the dress can resemble a glass, a box, cap, army cap, etc. It depends on the form, you can do just by folding the paper or you need scissors and glue. Sometimes, paper clips are used to secure the structure.

How to make a hat out of paper with your hands quickly and colorfully?

The easiest way to get a cap cap or a sea cap is to take a centimeter into your hand and begin to take measurements with further transfer to paper. Or you can use the following instruction.

  1. To get a piece of cardboard and fold it diagonally. The sheet must be square. After bending will get an equilateral triangle.
  2. Take one of the corners and bend the sheet so that the area was in the middle of the opposite side. The second area to do the same. Take those corners that are adjacent to the middle crease line crossing the square.
  3. After two bends you get something that resembles a Cup with a cavity between the sheets. Left to bend one of the corners and fixed on the bend.
  4. Now it is clear where the cap visor. You can use scissors to make a half-circle.

There are other ways to make a cap out of paper with your own hands. Perhaps, it makes sense to get acquainted with all and only then choose a certain one. And it's even better to sit down for work with the baby and decide together which hat you like best, and how it can be embellished and made professional and unlike other objects. It may very well be that the child will come up with a new idea that will prove to be most useful.