No matter how you follow your dog from diseases and accidents, alas, nobody is insured. Therefore, every dog owner should know how to give the pet first aid and how to properly treat dogs.

In an emergency it is very important to remain calm: your excitement can be transmitted to an animal, which is already difficult.First of all, find out and eliminate the cause of the injury or disease.   If the animal needs to be moved to another place, do it as carefully as possible. A dog in a state of shock may try to bite you, so wrap the dog's face with a soft cloth (this may be a scarf or tie) and fix it on the back of the head. But if the dog has difficulty breathing, this can not be done!

In case of injuries and burns in dogs, it is necessary to stop bleeding, to treat the affected area and apply a bandage. In case of fracture, the fractured limb should be immobilized by applying a tire. A sick dog should be given the appropriate medicine.If you are not sure how to proceed in any given situation, what is the best medicine to give - be sure to contact the veterinarian.

In case of illness or injury, you should havefirst aid kit designed specifically for treating dogs. because many human drugs are not suitable for animals. In the medicine cabinet must be disposable syringes of different capacity, unbreakable thermometer, tweezers, syringing, pipette, vaseline oil and scissors with blunt ends. To provide first aid to the dog with injuries, put dressing materials in the first aid kit - several sterile bandages of different widths, sterile wipes, plaster, tourniquet to stop bleeding.

From medicines for the treatment of dogs   in the medicine cabinet must be disinfectants, adsorbents, antiemetics, enzyme preparations (they improve the digestion process), antihistamines and blood recovery preparations. From drugs in ampoules to the first aid kit, you must put spasmolytic and cardiac funds. For the treatment of dogs, antishock and antiviral agents, antiparasitic drugs, ear cleansing lotion, ointments and dental agents are also needed.

For first aid kit   suffice a reduced set of dressings, vaseline oil, antiseptics, cardiac agents, angiotistamines and adsorbents. It is very important to check the contents of the first aid kit at least once a year and monitor the shelf life of the drugs.

In self to do-it is better to ask the veterinarian what is the drug in this case suitable for treatment of the dog. When providing first aid for dogs, many are faced with the problem: how to give the dog medicine?   If the animal does not refuse food, you can mix the medicine into food. Thus, it is possible to give the dogs liquid preparations, powders and tablets (whole or chopped).

If the dog refuses to eat at all, or doesn't want to eat food with the medicine will have to give her the medicine by force. Hard drugs   the dog is given the following: you need to stand to the right of the dog, take her by the muzzle with your left hand and press the teeth - the dog will open its mouth. Raising her head slightly, with your right hand enter the pill into the throat of the animal, pull out your hand and close your mouth. If the dog swallows the medicine, it will lick the nose.

Liquid medicines   it is more convenient to give together by means of an eyedropper or a small vial. One person holds the dog's head in a raised state, and the second inserts two fingers into the corners of the lips and pulls down the lower lip. In the resulting "funnel" pour a medicine that the dog willy-nilly will have to swallow. If she clenches her teeth - gently squeeze them out with a spoon handle.

External medicines   in the treatment of dogs should be applied only to clean skin, after removing the hair from there and washing the wound. Before and after the procedure, you should wash your hands with soap and tools must be clean. Tincture of iodine is applied to the wound with a cotton swab, and twice it is not recommended to lower the same tampon in a bottle. Large wounds should be treated with special ointments.

Eye drops and eye ointment They are applied with the aid of special glass instruments: pipettes and spatulas. Before use, you need to rinse them with warm water and make sure there are no chips, broken tools can not be used. Eye drops are instilled, gently pulling the lower eyelid, closer to the inner corner of the eye. Excess medication, which will flow out of the eye, blot with cotton (for each eye - his). The ointment is applied the same way, but after that you need to close the dog's eyes and gently massage your eyelids to evenly distribute the ointment. If the ointment in the tube, you can do without a scapula.

When providing first aid to the dog in the case food poisoning. or if the pet has swallowed a small object, it is necessary to induce vomiting in the dog. To do this, use a solution of table salt - 1 tsp. salt for half a liter of water (warm or cold). A solution of salt should be poured on the dog's cheek.

Timely rendering of first aid to a pet and proper treatment of dogs is very important. After first aid, be sure to contact your veterinarian, especially in case of serious illness and injury.