If you like to engage in creativity with children and want to please them with another Easter craft, our article will interest you. One of the main symbols of Easter is the egg and cake. Therefore, we offer to your attention a master class on how to make an Easter egg from threads with your own hands. Let's arrange it in the form of a funny chicken. This article can even be performed by a child. It's pretty simple to perform, but adult help will not hurt.

Required materials

  • a balloon
  • PVA glue
  • bowl for glue
  • scissors
  • thread
  • colored paper.

Easter chick with his hands – step by step instructions

  1. Inflate a balloon.

It is advisable to buy small balls, they even in a little inflated condition can take the necessary form of eggs. You do not have to inflate very much. It all depends on your desired chicken size.

Tip: pour glue into a small bowl. This will help you quickly and easily apply glue to all threads. Now put the thread in a bowl with glue and leave it for 2-3 seconds.

Note: you can take a thread for registration in any color, but as we plan to make a chicken, we take a yellow thread accordingly.

The second option: you can apply PVA glue to the ball itself and then just wrap it with threads, but in this case the thread will not soak completely, and your craft can turn out not quite accurate due to a non-glued thread.

  • Winding thread on a ball.

    Begin to wind thread from any place. The only caveat – be careful not to leave empty spaces on the ball, i.e. without threads. Not need to be wound evenly and in one direction only. The more chaotic movements, the better it will look your creation. At the end you can apply a little glue over the threads to secure.

    Remember that the PVA glue after drying will become colorless. Leave your ball for several hours until the glue dries completely.

    Important: the thicker the thread, the longer it will dry. Remember this when selecting a thread or when waiting for drying. If you choose thin threads, then they will need more than a craft of thick threads. But the thin threads dry faster.

    When our threads are dry, you can burst the ball and remove it from our resulting egg.

    Now it remains only to decorate the egg in the form of a chicken. To do this, we cut out paws, eyes, a beak, wings and a bow because of the chicken we're making - a girl. To create hair, a bit of woolen yarn is useful. All the elements are glued to our artwork of threads with glue.

    Offer your child to paste all the details, it will give him a lot of fun.

    Our simple children's craft is ready! It will bring a lot of joy to you and your child. Make several such chicks and surprise the guests at Easter with their own farm. At least, children's happiness will not end.