Embroidery Richelieu is a kind of openwork embroidery. In this case, the pattern is topped with a smooth surface, and also creates special slits for creating a lacy effect. This work is very laborious and requires concentration of attention. For handicrafts lovers, this kind of embroidery will definitely have to taste.

Embroidery Richelieu originated in Italy, during the Renaissance. Then the first admirers of this kind of needlework appeared in France and England. The most famous of her connoisseurs was Cardinal Richelieu, in honor of which needlework and received its name.

For centuries, Richelieu was at the top of fashion, it was not used anywhere. To date, its elements are found on the models of many famous designers of the world podiums.

In this article, we present two master class embroidery. Create a real masterpiece with your own hands.

Hand embroidery Richelieu: a master class

Follow the step by step instructions with the photo.

  1. Prepare the fabric for embroidery. Best cotton or linen. Apply the desired pattern with a pencil or pen.
  2. Panel all the contours of the figure. Threads should be as dense as a dense fabric. For thick material fit tight silk thread, and for thinner floss. Pattern sew in 2-3 rows, keeping stitches between gaps. See the photo below.
  3. When you have finished working on the drawing, it is possible to start processing of jumpers, so-called Bredow. For this the main thread drag between the two rows to the point where there will be a jumper. Then throw her to the nearest element, and thread through the space of the basting and return back.
  4. Formed a tight loop panel closely spaced to each other by eyelets.
  5. When you are finished working on the rest of Badami, penetrate beneath the material well-sharpened scissors.
  6. Next panel all the elements of embroidery and lock the thread. The excess tissue cut.

Now you know what is cutwork embroidery and how to do it manually.

Embroidery Richelieu on the sewing machine

To create a lace of a Richelieu on a sewing machine, you need to prepare all the necessary tools: glue, as well as water-soluble fleece, fabric, thread.

  1. First you need to glue the interfacing to the fabric in three layers. Start with water soluble nonwoven fabric, then proceed to glue and tissue. As evenly as possible, secure the workpiece in an embroidery frame.
  2. Now go directly to embroidery. Thread pick any suitable color. Sew the pattern around the loop.
  3. After plating the entire pattern, start the most important step: cut out the necessary areas of material to create openwork. Be careful to remove only the fabric, without touching the water soluble nonwoven fabric. It is important that the scissors were sharp and slightly curved.
  4. Now we need to bystrocice jumpers, placing lines along the water soluble nonwoven fabric.
  5. After all the manipulations, gently rinse with water interlining. It remains only to dry the cloth inside out to iron.

Your picture is ready, you can safely hang the product in the most prominent place!

Below is a video about the technique of embroidery Richelieu.