MonsterHigh is translated as a school of monsters. Popular fashion dolls, the production of which is engaged by the American company Mattel are known all over the world. The characters of the dolls are based on the characters from various horror films about vampires and werewolves: Halloween, Frankenstein, Graf Dracula, Mummy, etc. This radically distinguishes them from other lines of fashion dolls.

Each doll "Monster High" has its own diary and personal history, pet, and other attributes. In addition, based on the characters create cartoons and even write books. Dolls have become a real world brand.

A lot of teenagers are fans of "Monster High". Puppets not only play and watch about them animated series, but also draw. Today we will tell and show how to draw "Monster High" Claudine Woolf and Draculaur. In the future, you will be able to draw other representatives of Monster High: Viperinu, Taralai, Neferu, Pursifon, etc. Follow our instructions and everything will turn out.

To draw in pencil so you can correct mistakes with an eraser and erase the sketch. You will then be able to paint a vivid character zwenumeratekey or markers

How to draw "Monster high" clawdeen wolf under the scheme?

Prepare a simple pencil, a sheet of paper, an eraser, colored pens and markers. Open before your eyes already finished image Claudine Woolf, so it was easier to draw.

  1. First draw a circle to indicate the future head. Inside draw a schematic line.
  2. Now lightly outline the shape of the face, hair, eyes, lips and nose. Sketch the fur, which is an obligatory detail of the image of Claudine.
  3. Next you need to identify the rest of the waist, ears, hands. Hair draw is already more than in the previous step. Don't forget about the earrings.
  4. Draw the eye and create the shape of the lips. Don't forget that teeth Claudine, like vampires. Draw a necklace on the neck and skirt.
  5. Label on feet stockings two lines. Go to shoes.
  6. As a result, you should get a very similar doll. Now you can paint it with markers and pens.

We hope that our lesson will help you to reproduce on the paper your favorite character. Below you can watch a video tutorial on how to draw "Monster High" Claudine Wolfe:

How to draw "Monster high" Dracular?

Now you will learn how easy it is to draw another famous doll from the "Monster High" - Draculaur.

  1. Like last time, draw a circle to outline the head.
  2. Further delimit the face with lines. In the centre vertically, draw a line to align the oval of the face. Jaw set individual lines.
  3. Cheek note the two short dashes.
  4. Draw the torso, hair and ears. Ears pointed shape easier to draw with rectangles. The two curves outline future hair. Torso draw a rectangle connected to an oval.
  5. In place of hands and feet, draw a line.
  6. Small ovals indicate hands.
  7. Next proceed to drawing the face and outfit. In the middle of the face draw a nose and large lips (lower lip over the top). With the help of two semi-circular lines create slanted eyes, and inside draw the eyes in small circles. Draculaura wears a flounced skirt, her label as a hexagon. Chest mark a small oval, and a blouse with a V-shaped line. Then complete the outfit with cuffs, but still in the form of small rectangles.
  8. You can go to the circuits. Pen or thin marker draw a circle around your figure. Add the rest of the details: eyelashes, jewelry and clothing. A distinctive feature of Dracular – heart on the cheek.
  9. Wipe the pencil eraser and move on to the final part. Draw everything, what else is missing.
  10. Color Draculaur - and your doll is ready!

Congratulations! Now you know how to draw "Monster High" by Claudine Wolf and Draculaur.