Clothing for dogs in our time is no longer a rarity. Almost every domestic dog has its own wardrobe. Careful owners have long been concerned about the comfort for their favorite pets. This, on the one hand, is a tribute to fashion, and on the other - a necessity, especially for some breeds. If you want to sew overalls for a dog with your own hands and do not know how to do this, our article will be useful to you. We offer a master class how to sew such a fleece overall. It will undoubtedly become an indispensable thing in your pet's wardrobe. In such a model, out of elastic materials, the little dog will feel comfortable. Sewing is very simple, since it is even possible for a newcomer to sew a overall for a dog.

  1. Knit main color: about 70 cm
  2. Knit contrast color for cuff: about 20cm
  3. Thread
  4. Needle, pins
  5. Scissors
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Overlock machine.

Attention: knitwear does not need to take two colors, you can get by with one, then the cloth consumption needs to be adjusted a little.

How to sew a jumpsuit for dog – step by step instructions

Allowances for seams equal to 1.5 cm have already been taken into account in our pattern!

  1. Transfer pattern pieces to the fabric using tailor's chalk and/or a simple pencil, all of them cut.

  • The details of the cuffs folded in half, wrong side inside. A little stretching, sew them to the top and bottom sleeves. Seams overlain.

    Tip: all seams are made with a special knit stitch, if it is not – will suit narrow zigzag with a small step.

  • Sew front sleeve, combining all the marks

    We process the seam on the overlock.

  • Sew the front sleeve along the longitudinal cut.
  • Stitch the back sleeve in the longitudinal cut.

  • Sew front middle seam.
  • Detail of collar, sew the short cuts in the ring.

  • Bendable collar wrong side in.
  • Insert the collar into the neck, aligning the line in the middle.

    Sew, stretch, and over-impose.

  • Treated oval cutout for the stomach on a serger.

  • Bends the edge of the cutout and tack.

    Sew a special linen stitch or a large zigzag.

  • Protugues all seams and admiring your work.

    Today we learned how to sew a overall for a dog, simple in execution, but comfortable to wear.