Plush toys in the form of animals have always attracted children. Soft, beautiful, they will not leave anyone indifferent. And such as Teddy bears, even were created specifically for collectors. You can sew such a toy yourself. And using our step-by-step instructions, it will be much easier. In our article you will find a master class how to sew a plush toy with your own hands, with photos and videos. We will use the pattern of bears for the work from the book Gemma Kage "Construction of author's pattern. The technique of "living." Series bear Teddy and his friends. " It already takes into account the allowances for seams of 0.5 cm.

Necessary materials and tools:

  1. Flap faux fur: 50×40 cm
  2. A small piece of fabric for finishing (e.g., flannel)
  3. Material for gasket
  4. Flap fleece for scarf
  5. Plastic spout
  6. Ready eyes
  7. 4 buttons
  8. Melt
  9. Needle, pins, scissors, sewing machine.

How to sew a toy in the style of Teddy bears – step by step instructions

  1. We begin as usual with the pattern and cut the fabric that easier to do with a ballpoint pen.

  • To cut out parts of the fur, given the direction of the NAP.

    Please note: cut better with a blade or scissors with sharp ends to avoid damage to the pile.

  • Next, the details of flannel.

  • Turns out that's a kit.

    1. Start with the head. Sew the side piece with wedge, aligning mark.

    Tip: sewing by hand or on the sewing machine, with all the little seams better to do manually.

  • Sew the second side of the head.

  • Laid back seam.

  • By marking through the hole for the lugs.

  • Sew around the outline of the ears and tail, gut-wrenching. Tip: from the front side along the contour of the seam to pull the pile of the fur. It is easier to do with a needle.
  • Contrary to insert the eyelet and sew from the inside seam "over the edge".

    The same with the second ear.

  • Gut-wrenching head.

  • On parts of the body sew the recess on the oven, recess for tail do not touch.
  • Parts of the torso together.

  • Tail as well as ears, pasted against and close from the inside.
  • Parts of pens and palms. Then sew the arms to each other pairs, leaving unsewn a section to turn and stuff.

  • Sew a wedge between the two parts of the legs.

    Foot sew around the outline, leaving unsewn area.

  • A sole attached to the foot.

  • Fills all the details filled for toys, sew up all the open seams on the hands and feet.
  • Sew the head to the body.
  • On the muzzle we cut the pile of fur with scissors.

    It turns out funny face.

  • Apply the handles to the body, locking them in the desired position on top of the buttons, and stitched the needle through, grabbing the hand with the button on the other side.

    Same thing with legs.

    1. Using the glue melt the plastic spout.

  • In the same way, fix the eyes.

  • Embroider on the foot fingers.

  • Now, almost ready to bear.

  • Next, sew clothes. We will have a scarf from fleece. But you can dream up and come up with something else.
  • A teddy bear-like toy Teddy is ready for adventure.

    You will like the result, since it was quite fascinating and interesting to sew such a toy.