Summer hat – an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of the little Princess. Made by caring hands of mom or grandmother, this beanie will become a favorite baby. The basis of the products is a popular pattern "shell". To link to this children's hat knitting easy. All that is required is patience and attentiveness.

  • yarn 100% cotton (approximately 90 g coral color and 20 g of lemon for the cords and edging)
  • spokes number 3, the needle for yarn with a hooked end, the hook No. 3
  • density knitting pattern: 7 cm length – 16 loops, 5 cm in height – 14 series.
  • size – 46-48 (the girl 1-1,5 years).

Master class – kids summer cap spokes

Hinge set

A report (the recurring part of the pattern) consists of 13 loops, 3 loops, dividing the "rakushechki", 16 loops. For size 46-48 (head circumference) need to score 98 loops.

Note: the required number of loops is typed on two spokes, then one is stretched.

The pattern that this summer cap is associated with, even novices can do. It consists of facial, purl loops and nakidov.

  • ?- the reverse loop
  • •- facial hinge
  • ð– yo

Ç- to fasten 2 sts together face;

¯- a face loop and 2 nakida.

- collect 9 loops together face. First, 8 elongated loops take turns to translate to the right knitting needle, taking off the wraps. 9th loop without crochet. How to pull out the hinges correctly is shown in the video.

Turn the left knitting needle underneath the front walls of the removed 9 loops. The right knitting needle will be under the left. How to tie 9 loops together with a face loop, shown in the video.

Knit beanie

  1. The first and second rows – facial hinge. Please note that the first and last loop – edge, they are not on the diagram. Each new row starts with the edge loops that don't need to purl, but just to remove the right needle. Then knit according to the scheme 3-16 th rows.
  2. Knit pattern in height three times. There will be three strips of "shell", only 44 rows. 45-54th series - facial loops.
  3. To make holes for threading lace, 55th series fit: edge, 2 stitches together front, 1 facial loop, 2 facial together, 2 nakida. Alternate until the end of the row. 56th row- banding, 1 wrong loop, 4 facial. So alternate until the end of the row.
  4. 57-58-th series – facial loops coral color, 59-60 th rows – facial hinge lemon color. Close-loop lemon thread. Product to steam iron (preferably through a thin damp cloth).
  • To sew with a needle so that the vertical stripes of the front hinges were on the inside.
  • Hook tie lace from threads lemon colored. The length of the cords, about 50 cm At the edges you can hang beads, pompoms, or special lugs. If there is no hook, you can weave a braid of the same yarn or use a ready-made lace or ribbon. 6. The cords threaded through holes in the cap, tighten and tie a bow.
  • Children's summer hat is ready with knitting needles!