Children's panama in the summer not only decorates the child's head, it also protects the child from heat stroke. We bring to your attention a master class on knitting a panama with a "chamomile" pattern. Such a summer Panama will look great in combination with any bright children's things.

  • yarn SOSO (Vita cotton) 50 g / 240 m color - white. Iris (Vita cotton) 100% cotton double mercerization 125 m / 20 g color: green and yellow. Yarn consumption: 50 g;
  • tools: hook № 1,9
  • Panama size: 50-52 cm

Children's summer Panama "Daisy" crochet – a step by step guide

Step 1. The bottom

A distinctive feature of our Panama is a large chamomile.

Chamomile can be linked as shown in the diagram, and it is possible to change a little.
  We take yellow yarn and knit in 2 threads of 7 cp. and 1 series of the circuit.

Next, we cut off the yellow thread and fasten the white thread: we begin to knit petals. We dial 16 bp. and move in the opposite direction.

First we sew 4 tbsp. with 2 nakidami in the fifth vp. then 4 tbsp. with a crochet, then 3 tbsp. without a crochet and a connecting loop. So we knit all 17 petals.

In order for petals to have denser edges, they should be tied with connecting posts.

Now cut off the white thread and connect the green one. Also we knit in 2 threads. We make a series of 3 cp. which we fix as shown in the photo.

In the next row we knit 3 tbsp. c / n in each arch of the previous row.

The bottom of the children's panama is ready.

Step 2. Crown

Let's start knitting the main part of Panama. We take a white thread and knit as follows: a relief column, 1 tbsp. с / н, в.п. 1 tbsp. c / n in the same loop, relief column, etc. That is 2 tbsp. c / n are knitted in one loop of the previous row.

We continue knitting 9 rows.

After change the thread of white color to green, and then - yellow.

1 row of each color. Next return the white color and knit 5 more rows. Finish work 4 rows St. b/n.

Children's summer panama crochet is ready!