Yarn: "Iris" 100% mercerized cotton 25 g, yellow and turquoise. Consumption of yarn - only 340 gr (170 g yellow, 170 g turquoise);

density: 30 columns in 13 cm.

tools: hook number 2.5, scissors, needle; finished wooden round handles

Summer bag crochet – a step by step guide

The front part of the bag consists of 4 motifs, the top part and a wooden handle

Motif front detail bag

  1. A chain of 6 loops threads yellow joined in a circle. Next, continue knitting in a circle of 12 columns with 1 nakida. The last and first columns of series connected prostovisa without nakida.
  2. 3 air. p. to lift the row, then knit 4 rows of yellow thread according to scheme 1.
  3. 5 to 7 rows of diagram knit thread turquoise color.
  4. Next: 4 rows yellow, 1 row turquoise last thread. The motive is ready.

Such motifs for the front part we knit 2 pieces. We knit 2 more motifs according to the same scheme, but the alternation of colors in the reverse order: we begin knitting with turquoise threads and alternate.

  • Each motif is folded around 2 sides so to form a triangle.

  • Dense seam of a sewed the motifs on a bend

    The upper part of the front detail

    1. 30 a chain of air loops (13 cm) turquoise thread.
    2. Knit fabric made of columns with nakida 1 in height 13 cm we Get a square 13 x 13 cm.

    The connection top front detail with handle bags

    1. Wooden handle have finished the upper part (square) and its diagonal
    2. Bendable square and connect the corners crochet.
    3. Double fabric connecting the sides of the triangle nakida art. b. Back detail fit as the front. Only the upper part of the back detail knit yellow thread.
    4. We connect the motifs with the handle and the top part. The handle with the top of both parts is sewn with a dense seam in a triangular notch in the canvas of motifs.

    Connection front and rear details

    1. Superimpose the front and rear parts to each other, right sides.
    2. Edge on the opposite side of the handle sewn between a tight seam.
    3. We turn the bag on the front side.

    Summer bag crocheted ready!