The sling is a very handy thing and a great helper for young mothers. It allows you to free your hands and relieve back and crumbs to feel safe next to mommy. Models are now very much. As they say, for every taste and color. But their price reaches several thousand. So, why not save money and not to make this carrier for a child with their hands? The more time sewing leave not so much, but the savings will be decent.

Ring sling for newborn – step by step instructions

One of the best options is to sling on the rings. Sew it pretty simple, and thanks to the rings such a model can be adjusted in length and depending on the position of the child. In addition, our master class at the tail of the sling will have pockets to carry such things as nipple or handkerchief.

Materials needed:

  • a piece of cloth (calico, flax or cotton) 1. 5 m. 1 m.
  • a piece of cloth with a pattern of 1 m. 50 cm.
  • ring for sling – 2 PCs.
  • thin sintepon 20 cm by 37 cm

Do not skimp and buy the plastic rings in the curtain store or anywhere else. Rings have to be specially designed for slings. It is important! Because the load on them is very substantial and for the safety of the child is better not to risk it.

The main stages of sewing their own hands:

  1. From the main fabric cut the fabric of the sling – cut the strip with a width of 80 cm
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Note! In principle, it is possible to make a fully solid sling, but the mixed tones look brighter and more interesting.

  • Now cut the "shoulder" – rectangle 43х92 see
  • The canvas is the main part on two long sides filed into the hem before reaching one edge of 30 cm will be There to sewn the pocket.
  • Turn to the pocket. Filed the top with their hands, and then applied to one edge of the web sling face to face and grind on three sides.
  • Wrenched inside out and carry out the decorative stitching.
  • As the pocket is quite large and so it is not bulging, it should be divided into several small pockets. Therefore laid a few lines across.
  • Now for the "shoulder". This is the place to have a sling that fits over the shoulder mum. The prepared rectangle grind along, first with hands and then on the machine, and gut-wrenching.
  • Have a seam in the middle, and the edges zavturove inside 1 cm With one side of the hole is sewn up, and the other is left open. Inside insert sintepon about 20х37 see
  • The fabric of the sling (the top) is collected by the owner on the thread in the Assembly so that the width matched the "shoulder".
  • Insert inside, skalyvaniem needles and pritachivajut on the machine.
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  • Sew the other end of the "shoulder" to the first. Try to let the seam fall in the previous year.
  • To polyester inside is not off laid a few lines across.
  • That's all. Ring sling with their hands – ready. Now you can not worry about kid and get to do many different things!