Apples are juicy and not very sweet and with sour, red, yellow, green - whatever your harvest, all this wealth should be kept until the spring, and even until the next harvest. How to keep apples fragrant and really fresh throughout the winter? We will tell you some very simple secrets of storing liquid fruit at home.

Long – term storage of apples- what varieties to choose?

To preserve the harvest of apples, it is not enough to choose beautiful fruits and put them together in one box. Time is merciless, and soon the decay or drying of the product may begin, parasites will start, mice will come running - how many surprises are hidden in themselves in the wrong conditions for storing the crop!

These apples have good keeping quality:

  1. The middle band
    • Antonivka ordinary.
    • Knight.
    • Hero.
    • Northern sinap.
    • Lighthouse.
    • Zhiguli.
    • Winter Orel.
    • Cortland.
    • Fiancee.
    • Banana.
    • Melba.
    • Welsey.
  2. Southern strip
    • Renet Simirenko.
    • Starking.
    • Jonathan.
    • Aurora Crimean.
    • Olympic.

All of the listed varieties of apples are able for a long time to preserve flavor and vitamins.

Long-term storage of apples at home

Before storing the fruit, it is necessary to collect the fruit from the tree. And whether you do it right, half of the successful conservation of the harvest in winter also depends.

Collection of apples for storage:

  • Collection only in dry weather.
  • Tear a stalk impossible.
  • Wipe the natural patina of wax from apples is also not recommended – it allows the fruit to preserve its appearance.
  • Plucked the fruit, you cannot quit, it needs to be carefully folded into the container.
  • The collection start with the lower branches and gradually move up so you avoid injury of the fruit.
  • Apple picking must happen in the period of so-called removable ripeness – when a day of a tree falls 5-6 ripe and definitely a healthy fruit.

Prepare apples for a bookmark on storage at home:

  1. Sort through the fruit in a container, put the damaged in the other whole and healthy apples with the stalk.
  2. Apples of different varieties and size should also be divided.
  3. In no case do not wash the fruit!

The conditions for long-term storage of apples in winter

Storing apples at home requires correct temperature and humidity, because this fruit is prone to rotting, and if you notice one spoiled apple, be sure - soon the whole pile will be gone.

Temperature and humidity

To your crop wintered safely, provide the most preferred for apples temperature – and it is -1°C to 1°C. the Temperature of 2... 4°C is also acceptable. The ideal humidity for storage of apples for a long time – 85-95%. If the humidity is too low, the fruit will quickly wither. High humidity leads to supramania bins, and the fruits begin to rot.

Ways to store apples at home:

  • A small mound, pile in boxes or cartons. In this case, the fetus is laid with stems upward, and revise them regularly.
  • Paper – if you have the desire, every fruit can be wrapped in paper and then folding the fruit stalks up in a container. If all selected fruit is healthy, this way of storing apples, especially at home, can become your favorite.
  • Sawdust is another well-proven method of storage apples in the winter. On the bottom of the box or boxes place a layer of dry sawdust (they can be replaced with sand, buckwheat husk, peat moss, leaves of trees, onion skin, flakes of trees hardwoods, linen noils), then sprinkle the ash layer of 3 cm, and on top lay the apples in a single layer. Prerequisite – the fruits should not touch each other. On top of first layer sprinkle sawdust with ash, and the top may have one or two layers of apples.
  • Store apples in plastic bags at a temperature of -1°C... 1°C. Put in bags with holes for ventilation apples 3-4 kg, tie – fruits ready for storage.

All of the listed ways of storing a loved one with many fruits are available at home, and will require a minimum of space.

Watch a video lesson on bookmarking apples for long winter storage.

Than treated apples for storage?

In supermarkets you can often find beautiful, like exhibition copies of fruit. As the average buyer believes, apples are rubbed with paraffin to hide flaws and preserve an attractive appearance longer. Yes, in part this is true, because some additional substances do allow for a long time to preserve the integrity of the fetus.

Such processing methods slow down the process of rotting and decay of the fruit, however, these allergenic substances, such as biphenyl (a product of oil refining), now banned in the US and the EU.

Methods of treatment of the apples before laying on storage at home:

  • An aqueous solution of potassium iodide, iodine, starch and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Such a solution appears as a dark blue powder, without taste and smell. Harm solution the minimum – before eating the Apple protective film is easily washed off with water.
  • Germicidal UV lamps BOOTHE-60 – recommended by many gardeners a method of processing apples. Uniform irradiation must occur at a distance of 1.5 meters, the exposure time of a single layer of fruit – 20-30 minutes with one revolution of the fruit on the other side. This method protects the apples from the development of bacteria that cause putrefaction.
  • Another common method of handling apples before putting it in long-term storage – the injection of a package with the fruits of carbon dioxide. This will help siphon for aerating the water. After processing, the hole sealed, and the apples are stored just fine, and most importantly – long.

Very soon it will be time to harvest apples, and we are sure that our recommendations will help you keep your wealth throughout the winter!