The month of August is the time of endless troubles and incessant work for every gardener and gardener. Despite unpredictable and changeable weather, the amount of work does not decrease, but on the contrary - it increases. To the usual weeding, loosening, watering and top dressing is added collection of ripe harvest, control of vaccinations, protection from diseases and parasites.

In this difficult period, summer varieties of apples and pears are pleased with a plentiful harvest, and the rose hips and chokeberry wait for their turn to get into the owner's bowl. It's time to plant in applied plants and check previously vaccinated. All also have to monitor the cutting of bushes, harvest seeds for the next season and dry spicy and medicinal herbs. In addition, the active period of conservation of fruits and vegetables continues, because every vegetable grower aims to preserve the maximum number of fruits for the winter period.

In the daily turmoil, it's no wonder that something can be overlooked and missed. To help all workers, the lunar calendar of the truck-gardener was created for August 2015, briefly informing about the optimal timing and ways of doing this or that dacha business. Depending on climatic conditions, moon phases and time range, calendars for different regions may differ.

Planting calendar for August for the Urals and Siberia

Works of truck farmers should not be in vain. To avoid undesirable complications, it is recommended to pay attention to days that are completely unsuitable for planting and transplanting seedlings, flowers and vegetables. In August, residents of the Urals and Siberia should not be engaged in global changes 1, 4-5, 14, 28-30.

Many years of experience of professional farmers confirmed that crops with aboveground fruits (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini) should be planted and transplanted to the growing moon, and with underground (carrot, beetroot) - on decreasing.

The sowing calendar for August for the zone of Siberia and the Urals is as follows:

  • greens (dill, lettuce, Basil) – 16-21, 25-26
  • strawberry – 18-20
  • onions – 2-7, 11-12
  • celeriac – 2-8, 11-13
  • flowers bulbs – 15, 18-21
  • curly flowers – 18-20
  • carnation, Daisy, viola – 2-3, 11-12
  • lawn grass – 21-22
  • coniferous – 24-27
  • fruit bushes and trees – 20-21

In addition to planting new crops, one should not forget about the already growing ones. Most of them during this period need fertilizing, protection, care and watering. The same applies to ripened fruits: harvest fruits and berries is better to collect from bushes and trees, rather than from the ground. Special attention is paid to harvesting onions, the size and quality of the bulbs depends on the chosen period.

The gardener's calendar for August 2015 for the Moscow region and Central Russia

The lunar calendar contains a lot of useful information on the most successful days for planting of fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, and planting seeds. Given the moon phase, time allocated for different types of garden work: loosening, watering, plant grafting and gathering of Mature crops.

The sowing calendar for the inhabitants of the Moscow region and the central part of Russia takes into account the average temperature of the region, the approximate frequency of precipitation and other climatic conditions.

  • winter cereal – 2-3, 10-12, 30
  • winter carrots – 6-7, 14-15, 21-25, 30
  • radishes – 2-3, 10-12
  • dill – 10-12
  • curly flowers – 8-9
  • flowers bulbous, 18-19, 30
  • Crocus bulbs – 10-12, 25-26, 30
  • daffodils bulbs – 10-12, 25-26, 30
  • hyacinths, tulips bulbs – 18-22, 25-26, 30
  • peonies – 20-22, 25-26, 30
  • shrubs– 2-3, 6-7, 11-12, 20-22, 25-26, 30
  • lawn grass – 6-7, 10-12
  • strawberry, strawberries – 2-3, 10-12, 30
  • BlackBerry – 6-7, 30
  • raspberries – 6-7, 30
  • gooseberry – 30
  • pear – 30
  • Apple – 30

The choice of a period for the collection of a particular culture also plays a significant role. The quantity and quality of the harvest depends on the literacy of the approach to this matter. So:

  • pears is better to collect 8-9, 12-14, 23-26
  • grains – 1
  • BlackBerry – 26-31
  • fruits and vegetables 8-9, 13-17, 22-26
  • gooseberry – 1-3
  • raspberries – 1
  • potatoes – 2-5, 8-9, 13-16, 22-26
  • cucumbers and tomatoes – 1-5, 8-9, 13-17, 20-23
  • red and black currants – 1

Lunar calendar gardener for August 2015 for the Northwest

The northwestern part of Russia is characterized by its temperate climate and high humidity. A large amount of rainfall simplifies the work of truck farmers, depriving them of the need to produce frequent watering of plants. But at the same time there are a lot of other duties that must not be missed. Given the lunar seeding calendar, you can specifically allocate all important processes on favorable days, leaving the unfavorable to be unused.

  • 1 (Aquarius) – it's time for weeding, loosening and mulching.
  • 2-3 (Fish) is a period of feeding. The crop is better not to touch.
  • 4-5 (Aries) – planting and transplanting is not recommended. You can collect ripe crops and produce against pests and weeds.
  • 6-7 (Taurus) is a good time to transplant shrubs. Allowed the harvest of root crops, harvesting for the winter, canning.
  • 8-10 (Gemini) - the period of removal of the strawberry mustache, hilling, weeding and loosening of the soil. It is not recommended to preserve it, but it can be collected for long-term storage.
  • 11-12 (Cancer) - a favorable time for fertilizing the soil, fertilizing plants. It is recommended to transplant and inoculate. Aboveground parts of plants are not pruned.
  • 13-14 (lion) – nothing to repot and not to land. It is possible to eliminate unwanted seedlings and clearing the area from old shoots.
  • 15-17 (maiden) – fear of damaging the root system of plants, which can sadly result in the future.
  • 18-19 (Libra) is the ideal period for planting, fertilizing and care.
  • 20 to 22 (Scorpio) – best classes – fertilizer mineral mixes and watering. You can sit down and process solutions from pests.
  • 23-24 (Sagittarius) – the period of seed collection, greens and herbs. A good time to plant, aimed to high.
  • 25-26 (Capricorn) – the removal of soil pests, watering, harvesting berries and fruits.
  • 27-28 (Aquarius) – planting and transplantation is prohibited.
  • 29-30 (Fish) – nothing to plant and to transplant.
  • 31 (Aries) – period for pereopisanie soil, pest and old shoots. The optimal time for collection of vegetables, berries and fruits.

Guided by such regulations, the owners of suburban and summer cottages will be able to get the best quality harvest and protect their plantations from pests, diseases and weeds.

Lunar calendar of the gardener-gardener for Belarus and Ukraine

According to the legends of the ancestors-Belarusians, it is not recommended to touch plants during the new moon. During the day before and after it, do not transplant and plant any crops. In the first quarter, you do not need to trim the plants, because the wounds will be too hard to overgrow. Trees planted on a full moon will not take root well. And the last quarter is the most ideal time for harvesting, saturated with energy. As practice shows, long-standing instructions have weight, lunar calendars greatly simplify the work of gardeners-truck farmers.

Observing the simple instructions of the seed calendar, each summer resident will be able to control the periods of planting and planting of certain plants, their pruning, watering, hilling, etc.

The sowing calendar for Ukraine is designed for plants in the open ground, a greenhouse, on the balcony of an ordinary apartment. It clearly indicates the exact terms of favorable periods for various procedures and disembarkation of different cultures. The information was obtained as a result of a careful analysis of the astrological situation and additional factors. The sown data is as follows:

  • bulbous flowers – 14-16, 19-22
  • flowers from seeds – 2-5
  • pumpkin, zucchini, squash – 5-7
  • beans – 5-7
  • cabbage, 2-6, 31
  • green onion – 6-11
  • parsley – 2-6, 31
  • radish, daikon – 15-17, 19-21
  • celery – 3-6, 21-26
  • hell – 15-16
  • garlic – 16-19

Responsible approach to any business is the guarantee of a positive result in the end. Taking care of the garden and vegetable garden according to the lunar sowing calendar, every owner will become a happy owner of an abundant and timely harvest.