Virtually every house has a money tree. Our grandmothers also grew large, magnificent fatties on the windowsills, and believed in the sign - this flower will bring prosperity to the family. Today it is customary to give a fat woman a gift for a wedding or a New Year's Eve for a young family to always have money in the house. And if you got this green beauty, you need to know the most important thing about caring for a fat woman at home.

Crassula (money tree) at home – how to provide proper care

Crassula, and so it is called a fat-skinned woman, has more than 300 subspecies, in appearance very different from each other. But all of them, without exception, have one thing in common: rather fleshy leaves and stems.

A beginner-floriculturist for growing at home is best to choose a thick-skinned tree Ovata. This is one of the most common and least capricious species of fatty.

Home care for the jade – soil

Tolstianka grows well in light drained soil, therefore, as a substratum for planting a beauty, this mixture is suitable: two parts of leafy land, two parts of peat, three parts of sand, plus a layer of drainage of at least two centimeters.

Yet another embodiment of the substrate for jade:  in the proportions of 4: 1: 1: 1 mix the turf, foliage, humus earth, and sand, add to the soil a brick crumb, crushed coal, mix and plant your pet in a shallow pot with drainage at the bottom.

The plant loves both the sun and the penumbra, although many newcomers are afraid to fry the tree in the sun. The first sign of excess light is the falling leaves. With a lack of light, the fatty woman also begins to get sick and develops poorly. In the summer, put the redwood on the balcony, in the winter provide additional lighting in the room.

Temperature and humidity for jade

In the warm season, the rosula will be comfortable at 20-25 degrees, but in winter the temperature should not fall below 10 degrees. The most favorable temperature for wintering a fatty is 15 degrees. But when a room in the 18th winter, the tree starts to dump, the shoots will stretch out, and they will dry up.

The humidity is not too important for jade – enough to occasionally spray the plant or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

Watering and fertilizing

Often watering a fat woman should not be - once or twice a week in the summer is enough. In winter, watering should be reduced to once every two weeks. Both drying out and waterlogging of the soil are detrimental to the health of the plant.

In general, the fattened does not require top dressing, but if desired in the summer only once a month you can enrich the soil with a mixture for cacti or any complex fertilizer. Fertilizer should only be applied to moist soil immediately after watering the plant.

Transplant jade

The money tree is easy to transplant, the more frequent the transplant is not needed - once in four years will be enough. Perhaps, the only reason for doing a transplant of any undemanding indoor flower, including fatties - is the sowing of the soil. After all, even the friest substrate in time becomes denser, and therefore is no longer able to pass moisture and air.

Crassula grows relatively slowly, so transplant your pet in a pot a little larger than the previous one - this will allow the plant to grow in breadth and height.

The transplantation of a fatty is made in the spring.

If you want to plant the cuttings, they should be held in a glass with water before planting in the ground. And only when cuttings are allowed roots, you can plant them in the ground.

The transplant process jade normal:  remove the flower from the old pot, shake the roots, in a new soil, make a groove for the roots of the plant, and put your pet there. Now gently prune the soil around the plant, and pour it.

How to achieve flowering jade?

Blossoming of a monetary tree can be met infrequently, but as soon as you become a witness of this incredible spectacle, you will immediately want to repeat it at home. In general, this plant is beautiful in itself, and the lush foliage of the green color always evokes delight. But nevertheless sometimes it would be desirable to see the elegant bride - the blossoming fat woman looks smartly.

According to experienced growers, the secrets of flowering crassula simple:

  • Abundant, but infrequent watering.
  • A well ventilated room and fresh air during the warmer time of the year.
  • The maximum light.
  • The tying of the barrel.
  • Removing bad and old leaves.
  • Regular topping and trimming plants. When your darling will grow up to 30 cm, cut off the tip – crassula better rooted, and even be given a new kidney. Further, the process of extension tree properly pinch – on each stem leaving only 3-4 pairs of leaves. Such manipulations allow to form a Grand and magnificent crown.

Another secret of flowering from experienced growers: your pet all summer should be in the sun. As we have already said, the sun can have a detrimental effect on the plant, but if the money tree is calmly behaving under direct rays, and does not discard the leaves - you do not have to worry. After redsula was brought from a hot African region. Reddened, but healthy leaves are normal in this case.

By observing these simple rules, you can achieve a blossoming of a fatty woman. But if five or even ten years have passed, and your redsula has never bloomed - do not despair! Even without flowers this plant brings joy.

We wish you prosperity, and your money tree has a lush crown!