Crassula (money tree) at home – how to provide proper care



Home care for the jade – soil


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Temperature and humidity for jade


The humidity is not too important for jade – enough to occasionally spray the plant or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

Watering and fertilizing



Transplant jade





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How to achieve flowering jade?


According to experienced growers, the secrets of flowering crassula simple:

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  • A well ventilated room and fresh air during the warmer time of the year.
  • The maximum light.
  • The tying of the barrel.
  • Removing bad and old leaves.
  • Regular topping and trimming plants. When your darling will grow up to 30 cm, cut off the tip – crassula better rooted, and even be given a new kidney. Further, the process of extension tree properly pinch – on each stem leaving only 3-4 pairs of leaves. Such manipulations allow to form a Grand and magnificent crown.

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