Do you have a lot of weeds in the garden? Are you tired of fighting them? After reading this article, you will miss them, you want them to become more! What is it, hypnosis? How can this be? If you have not guessed yet, then we will open the secret: the discussion will go on mulching.

What is mulching grass?

Mulching is not some clever system or even an expensive fertilizer. Mulching is different, but we'll talk about the most common - mulching with ordinary grass, the one that we so diligently pull out and throw out from the garden. Experienced gardener spreads it between beds and holes of any vegetable crops. The layer of mulch should be as thick as possible.

What you need mulching?

Advantages of using mulching – a lot of incredible, while the minus is only, where to get so much grass. So let's make sure what advantages gives us the mulching.

  • First, of course, we eliminate the weeds that interfere with the normal development of vegetable crops. But most importantly – this is how we hinder the germination of new weeds. Forget about regular and tedious weeding!
  • Second, mulch is not allow to evaporate the moisture. This method especially helps those who have problems with irrigation. The plant is constantly in wet soil and, consequently, better developed.
  • Thirdly, the bottom layer of the mulch over time, and rot is a great organic fertilizer for plants. As you know, the most fertile soil in the forest where leaves fall, forming humus. In such ground a lot of worms, beetles and micro-organisms that create there own little world. Such soil is not necessary to loosen, it happens naturally.

Mulching of cut grass or straw

As we have said, the grass layer should be decent. After all, what does it matter if it dries? If you have tried and put a sufficient quantity of mulch, be sure that the result will not keep itself waiting. Vegetables will go immediately into growth. They do not need every day to fill the immense amount of water – moisture will remain for a long time even on hot days. Of course, this does not mean that water is not needed. But the mulch will not allow the drying of the soil, the plants will get enough moisture as they need.

Another point worth mentioning is one important point: lay mulch you need not only around the holes, but also on the rest of the surface of the earth. As a mulch, you can use straw instead of grass. This will help you to hide as much of the earth as possible.

Try it! Have a good harvest!