The photo frame bought in the store is a boring and faceless thing. It's quite another matter, a frame made with your own hands. It turns out warm, touching and very sweet. For example, the photo frame made in the quilling technique is very unusual and stylish, the master-class for manufacturing which we offer you in this article.

Quilling photo frame with your hands – step by step instructions

Quilling - an interesting skill, which can be mastered by everyone if desired. The essence of it is to create special modules from twisted long and narrow strips of paper. Such modules in the aftermath can become the basis for hand-made cards, albums, frames, paintings and other compositions. Quilling of photo frames with their own hands looks especially original and does not require any special material costs.

Necessary materials:

  • Mat dummy
  • knife dummy
  • the range of metal
  • PVA glue
  • the rod for twisting elements
  • corrugated cardboard
  • strips for quilling, width – 3 ml.

Main stages:

  1. To start, cut the corrugated cardboard of the right size: long 47 cm, width 20 cm
  2. To assemble a frame of the desired shape, we need its length to divide on the size: 20 cm – 20 cm – 7 cm using a metal ruler, having measured 20 cm, make a dummy with a knife easy cut (do not cut through corrugated cardboard through) across the entire width of the cardboard. Then measure out another 20 cm and do the same incision. Thus, the cardboard should bend smooth side inside.
  3. Retreating from the edge of 1-2 cm and cut off, leaving the tongue width – 4 cm
  4. On the other hand retreating from the edge of 1 cm and exactly in the center make a slit length of 4 cm (for reeds). So coming frame.
  5. When our frame is already independently beginning to develop its front part. To do this, cut out several templates of white paper, alternately apply them and find the most interesting placement of pictures.
  6. Templates must be carefully cut around and cut the breadboard with a knife.
  7. To Refine the cut and to give a frame of refinement, from the remaining cardboard, cut a strip width of 0.5 cm and glue it on cut the cloves inside.
  8. Proceed to the most pleasant – making patterns in the technique of quilling. All patterns are composed of basic elements: midway flowers – tight roll, the petals and leaves drop, eyes. All elements are composed of free rolls.
  9. Clenching his loose coils in such items, wrapped them with a strip of another color and squeeze in the shape of the eye.
  10. Of the three elements in the shape of the eye looks very beautiful petal for a flower.
  11. On the same principle of the green tapes forming blanks for the leaves.
  12. When all the elements are ready, begin to glue them to the frame in the desired order.
  13. When all patterns are pasted just had to post pictures.
  14. Below the photo can be changed, we're not going to stick. For mounting photos, use angles that stick on the edges, forming a pocket. Noting the boundaries of the photographs pasted on the corners. These photos are not cropped, so they're a little touch, but it's not a problem – in these places the parts to replace the strip.
  15. That's all – original and beautiful quilling photo frame is ready!