Wedding pillow – the original and beautiful accessory for the wedding. It will be a bright accent and memorable part of any wedding. It is not necessary to spend exorbitant amount of money to buy this fashionable wedding of the attribute is to sew a wedding pillow you can with your hands. It is enough to have basic sewing skills and precisely follow our master class.

Wedding pillow – step by step instructions at home

A small pillow is made in white, which is a symbol of purity and fidelity. But if you want to create it, you can choose a material of any other shade, which is especially important if you have a themed color wedding.

Materials needed:

Main stages:

Note!   Instead of ready-made balls, you can use any other tulle bases for pins and bows. If these are not at hand, you can replace them with a ribbon strung on a thread and formed into a glomerulus.