In these lessons we will weave the original and extraordinarily beautiful bracelets made of rubber bands. Their design is very different from classic patterns. With such unusual ornaments, you will be the most fashionable in the class. We picked up several ways of weaving: on the machine, slingshot, fingers and fork. Some of them are suitable for beginners.

Original loom bands bracelet "Star" on the machine video tutorial

Bracelet out of rubber bands on the slingshot for beginners – "Bows"

In this lesson, weave a bracelet made of rubber bands "Bantiki". It got its name thanks to the pattern that forms during weaving. Along the entire length of the bracelet adorn small bows.

Necessary materials

  1. Slingshot for weaving
  2. Hook
  3. Elastic bands of one color (in this case orange) – 39 PCs.
  4. Elastic bands of a different color (we have blue) - 36 pcs.
  5. 1 clip clasp

Important points that should be remembered:

  • Always insert the hook under the second rubber band on top.
  • Draping orange gum drop in the center is also orange (the bottom).
  • Draping blue gum drop in the center of a blue (third from the top).

Choosing rubber bands of different colors, you can come up with interesting options and weave decorations to your taste. Successful and interesting work!

You can use more or less rubber bands, depending on the required length of the bracelet.

Step by step instructions

Weaving on the fingers a beautiful bracelet video instruction

How to weave loom bands bracelet on a fork "Flowers" video tutorial

How to weave bracelets with patterns "Tail of the Dragon" and "Fish Scales", read here.