Dwarf dog breeds (Chihuahua. the Terriers, Bichons, miniature Pinscher) is very popular among dog owners – it is convenient to keep in a city apartment. If you decide to have a dwarf dog, is to learn more about the specifics of caring for her in particular about her diet.

The country Councils have already talked about what and how to feed the dogs. However, the dwarf breed dogs (dogs weighing under 5 kg) require special care   because of its gentle build. Their diet should be carefully monitored.

There is a perception that the dwarf breeds capricious in the choice of food. Yes, it does happen. That's only to blame for this is not usually a dog, but the owner who diluted his pet. No matter how much you want to feed your sweet little dog with all sorts of goodies, do not give in to this temptation. You would not feed your child with cakes and chips, it's harmful.

Puppies toy breeds it is almost impossible to feed artificially. so you can not take your puppies away from your mother too early. The optimal age for buying a puppy is 2-2.5 months, at this age, dwarf breeds of dogs can already eat on their own. Puppies and young dogs eat a little, because their need for nutrients and energy is still low. At an early age, dwarf dogs are best served with milk, dairy products, fresh raw lean meat in small quantities, and gradually introduce porridge and soups into the diet.

When the dog turns 8 months, you can start to normalize diet depending on its needs for energy and nutrients. If you have a pedigree dog, please note that during the preparation for breeding, mating, pregnancy and feeding the energy demand will increase in 1,5-2 times. Dwarf breed dogs in this period should consume 20-70% more protein, 10-25% fats and carbohydrates, 1.5 times more minerals and 2 vitamins.

Dwarf breeds of dogs are fed meat, biscuits, milk, cereals, vegetables, herbs. Most of the meat is given to the dog in raw form, less boiled. The biscuits are ground and mixed with milk or finely chopped meat. Together with biscuits and meat, you need to give the dog crushed bone meal. Porridge is cooked on milk, they must be liquid. Concentrated porridges are made on milk with egg. In the porridge add vitamins. From stewed vegetables and herbs mash with cream or sour cream, rubbing them through a sieve. In a day you can give the dog one egg in the form of an omelet and a drop of vitaminized fish oil (a source of vitamin D).

Can you feed dwarf breeds, industrial feed? The answer is Yes, but in this case the diet will have its own characteristics. Dwarf breeds weighing up to 1 kg canned food can not feed. When choosing industrial feed for dwarf dog is a must advice from a veterinarian   - he will recommend the brand of feed, based on the characteristics of the animal's body. Dwarf breeds of dogs should be fed only with high-quality fodder. Food for a small dog should contain antioxidants.

Very energetic and active dogs should be given feed with lots of protein and fat. This also applies to pregnant and lactating dogs. If your pet is prone to obesity, it is better to choose food with less protein and fat. Dwarf breeds need the larger amount of protein. than large, so it is better to err and give the dog 10 to 20 g of cheese per day as a Supplement to his food. Daily dose industrial feed for dogs weighing 4 kg 260 g (wet canned food) and 130 g (dry food). When feeding dry food, make sure that the dog was always fresh drinking water .

Often through the fault of their owners dogs of dwarf breeds become real sweet tooth.But to give a small dog sweets not!   They may lose their teeth at a fairly early age. Smooth-haired dwarf breeds of dogs need vegetable oil (it needs to be added to food twice a week in small amounts). Dwarf dogs are fed three times a day in small portions, but the main part of the diet should be given at noon.

If you properly feed your dwarf dog correctly, it will always be fun, healthy and will live a long life!