The location of the greenhouse from polycarbonate




  • Close location of houses and outbuildings with a supply of fuel for heating.
  • If you have a small plot design is better to place them near the house or a summer kitchen – it will provide good protection from the wind.
  • The deepening of the structure of 0.7 m will help to save on fuel, reduce temperature swings and reduce the opacity to low plants.
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  • Device for electrical power and water a better place next to the greenhouse.

Drawings of greenhouses made of polycarbonate project, diagrams, photos





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  • a minimum number of parts frame
  • quick and easy Assembly – only need to fix a bent sheet



Greenhouse polycarbonate – sizes and prices





Project polycarbonate greenhouses – how to develop?




The advantage of the swept design is that its surface can accumulate snow. The cost will be from 15 – 16 thousand roubles.



Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands out profile video


  • guide PN (wide) for horizontal parts
  • PS rack (narrower) – for the construction of uprights




  • level
  • roulette
  • metal shears
  • screwdriver




  • Make a "cushion" for the Foundation





    Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands – build (with video)


    1. Mounted one the frame structure of the profile, cut to the desired length.
    2. Putting the first frame and fastened with screws.
    3. Measure out and cut the material out individual parts.
    4. Of the frame assembling.


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    How to make a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with their hands: video

    Greenhouse polycarbonate – heating


    • {!LANG-f2e87ae2384d7fd68531603ea2665c2b!}. The fuel use coal, peat or the Solarium. This type of heating not only the easiest but also inefficient and time consuming warmth throughout the room is uneven.
    • Electric heating. Such devices include heating elements or convectors, which are placed around the perimeter of the greenhouse made of polycarbonate.
    • Cable heating. The main advantages are: low cost of installation, simplicity and durability, uniformity in the distribution of heat, safety. In addition, such heating can be adjusted automatically, which is extremely important for a growing crop.

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