Fresh and environmentally friendly vegetables are always welcome "guests" on our table. Owners of summer cottages make a lot of efforts to grow their "own" cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. However, only diligence is not enough here. After all, to obtain high yields, it is necessary to create seedlings suitable conditions for growth and development. Therefore, an excellent solution is a greenhouse - you can build a structure of inexpensive and affordable materials with your own hands.

Today, many in the dwellings remove the old window frames, replacing them with convenient and practical double-glazed windows. But such frames can be given a "second life", applying them for the construction of a greenhouse or a greenhouse. So, today we will look in detail how to build a "vegetable house" without significant expenses.

Greenhouse from old frames: pros and cons

Before starting the construction of a greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of such a project. First about the advantages:

  • Available project cost. It is enough to collect the necessary amount of unnecessary window frames left after repair, and the main material you are provided. It is much cheaper than using to build a greenhouse of new blocks.
  • Quick installation. After pouring and drying the foundation, it only remains to assemble the frames in one piece - and a greenhouse built with your own hands is ready. This stage will only take a few days, but it should be carefully prepared.
  • A set of available tools. A hammer and nails - that's all you need.

Useful advice: if possible, it is better to use electric power tools-jigsaw and screwdriver. If the farm does not have these useful things, they can easily be rented.

"Cons" of the greenhouse from the old window frames:

  • Constant maintenance of the structure. Old wood crumbles, and crevices are formed through which moisture and other unfavorable factors from the environment can penetrate.
  • Limited service life. If the old window blocks were used as a raw material for making greenhouses, the period of their operation is quite small. However, 5-7 years, this "house" for vegetables and seedlings will definitely serve.

Note! Old window frames are a suitable material for the construction of a greenhouse for a "home" infield. However, for growing, for example, cucumbers, on an "industrial" scale, it is better to choose a metal profile or steel pipes. Of course, this will be much more expensive, but the design will be more reliable.

Greenhouse from window frames for dummies

Before you start the erection, you need to think about the important details. For example, do you need to make a wooden frame or can you skip this stage? This will depend on the thickness and configuration of the assembled window blocks. With a significant thickness of the frames it will be possible to do without the frame completely.

  • Crushed stone and sand   - for the foundation of the future structure. Of course, you can build a greenhouse of window frames without a foundation, but the reliability will be doubtful.
  • Board and beam of different sections   - on the wall racks 50 x 100 mm, on the angled - 100 x 100 mm.
  • Fittings   - nails, door and window hinges, locks and handles on the door, a cornice made of steel, an antiseptic for wooden surfaces. When building a roof of sheet steel will have to buy this material.
  • The old frames.

  • hammer
  • screwdriver - can be electric
  • circular saw
  • chisel
  • drill bits for wood
  • level
  • square
  • roulette
  • piece of cord
  • mounting foam
  • screws

Greenhouse with own hands - blueprints

Any construction begins with the design of the future structure. However, in our case, you just need to assemble the structure from the ready-made modules. We carry out such preparatory work:

  1. We lay out window frames on an equal part of the earth, choosing details for side and front sides. We achieve the most ideal compatibility of "puzzles".
  2. We measure and fix the results of the layout.
  3. We make a detailed drawing on paper with the indication of all the parameters and dimensions of the parts.
  4. We prepare three more drawings - the foundation, the frame and the roofing part of the future greenhouse from the window frames.

How to build a greenhouse of window frames with their own hands – step-by-step guide (with photos and video)

So, after acquiring and preparing all the necessary tools, you can start work.

Step # 1. Choose a place under the greenhouse

The site for the building should be chosen in view of the fact that plants will require maximum access to sunlight. Therefore, close to there should be no capital buildings or tall trees that shield sunlight.

If you plan to build a greenhouse from the frames under the film, then you should choose a platform that strong winds do not blow. Otherwise, there may be a violation of the microclimate of the structure, which will adversely affect the plants inside. However, even a glazed greenhouse is not recommended to place on a windy area - to avoid loads.

The soil must be dry and dense, since in a wet and swampy environment, subsidence and subsequent deformation of the wooden structure is possible.

Step number 2. Foundation under the greenhouse

The chosen site needs to be cleared - to remove garbage, to uproot the roots, weeds and stumps.

We transfer the dimensions of the future greenhouse to the site and drive small pegs around the perimeter, between which we pull a cord or rope. Now in each corner and near the sides it is necessary to excavate small pits with a depth of 0.5 meters - at the freezing level of the ground. In the pits we fill in gravel (soy about 10 cm) and tamped.

Now in turn formwork - in each pit we insert an asbestos-cement pipe (diameter 10 - 15 cm), level by level, we insert reinforcement. The structure should be strengthened in position with the help of bricks, and then pour concrete. We collect on the foundation the lower crown of the bar and fasten the plates of iron.

If it is planned to build a hothouse from window frames without a foundation, then it's enough to just make a bundle of timber and lay it on the ground. For the purpose of waterproofing, it is possible to use a roofing material, in which the uneven bars are wrapped (pictured).

As a rule, concrete finally dries up after a couple of weeks. After that, the plane under the greenhouse along the entire perimeter of the foundation can be laid out with a brick. Thus, a flat area is obtained, which greatly facilitates the subsequent assembly.

Step # 3. We collect the frame of the greenhouse from the window frames

The assembly of the structure is carried out in such a sequence: the installation of poles and frame from the beam, to which we attach window frames.

Important! If you plan to use a beam for the frame, and not boards - be sure to consider their thickness. After all, too thin a bar just can not stand the weight of the whole structure and at any moment it can collapse like a house of cards.

First, we measure the width of the window frames. On the perimeter of the base we measure the lengths exceeding the width of the frames by 5-7 cm and mark these places. At these points we fix the stakes from a bar of equal height. Then, over the poles, we string the thread along the level to correct the tops. If there are protruding parts, you need to cut them.

Take the bar and overlay horizontally on the "tops". Thus, the "cells" for window frames are obtained. Now you need to install the frames, not forgetting about the door and the window, and securely reinforce all the details.

With the help of mounting foam, we fill the gap between the modules and the stacks. Dry foam professionals advise to plow or paint, which will avoid drying out.

Best polycarbonate greenhouse with their hands. How to do see here

Step # 4. Put the roof on

The roof can be single-pitched or gable - we'll stop on the first option. First, we lay the boards on the wall strapping under the support of the rafters. In this case, it is important not to forget to mark out the nests for installing the sloping beams of the roof of the greenhouse from the frames.

In each corner of the side wall we put up racks - so the slope is created. Between the posts we lay a bar on which we fix the front board of the roof. We put the side boards into the roof and attach them to the front board with screws. Under the rafters' boards, we make grooves in the extreme board, for which we use the template (the letter "P", cut out taking into account the width and height of the nest).

Now pull the cord and check that all the rafters are in the same plane. On top we place a roofing covering - it is desirable to make of cellular polycarbonate, glass or a film.

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. If you build a hothouse from the frames under the film, then such a structure will not exert excessive load on the foundation. True, polyethylene must be periodically poured with water to bring down dust and dirt. As a coating, many prefer polycarbonate. It remains to attach the door and the ventilation window and the design is ready.

Frames, window frames: photo

There are many different greenhouses – small, large, lean-to, gable, arched. The photo shows different variations of the design.

The best greenhouse for seedlings with his own hands. How to do see here

As we see, a greenhouse with its own hands from window frames is not such a difficult construction (even for "dummies"). It is important to carefully study all the details and carefully measure. Well, of course, have the patience and tools - and it's sure to go! After all, such a hothouse can be equipped with a heating system, water supply, light and other amenities. Good luck with your work!