Guinea pig Skinny is considered a rare breed of Guinea pigs. although among hairless Guinea pigs breed Skinny most common. Compared to the usual long-haired and smooth-haired Guinea pigs Guinea pigs Skinny more rare and expensive.

Guinea pig Skinny is usually almost completely bald. Valid short hair on the muzzle and the animal's head, shoulders, ankles and back. Despite the fact that the skin of pigs Skinny seems to be absolutely naked, she's usually covered by a soft, invisible down. Therefore, these pigs to the touch pleasant and velvety .

Guinea pig Skinny was artificially bred canadian scientists. engaged in dermatological research. The first representatives of this breed were presented by the Canadian laboratory Charles Rivers in 1976 (according to some data - 1978). At that time, absolutely all the pigs Skinny had white skin and red eyes (albino).

Breeders interested in the new breed and tried to cross a Skinny with other breeds of Guinea pigs that have fur. Because the gene responsible for the absence of fur, a recessive, with a 100% chance you can get a Skinny pig, just crossing two hairless pigs. When you cross a Guinea pig Skinny ordinary, their offspring would be covered with hair, but all cubs will be carriers of the gene — scinicariello   with stiff and curly hair. And when crossing Skinny's guinea pigs with the carriers of the gene, the Skinny pigs with the most diverse colors are obtained.

Thanks to a long crossing in pigs Skinny good immunity, thisstrong, healthy and happy animals. The absence of wool is an important plus for the guinea pigs of this breed. Wool will not roll around the house, clinging to clothing, these animals do not need to comb, they do not cause allergies.

Guinea pig Skinny not require very specific care. but some features still need to know. Hairless Guinea pigs more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. than their "hairy" relatives, so they are too low temperatures and direct sun rays are contraindicated. Guinea pigs Skinny should walk on the sofa or carpet, but in no case on the cold floor.

Because of the sensitivity to the temperature of guinea pigs, skinnets are recommended not to be contained in wire cells, but inclosed terrariums. The terrarium should be sufficiently spacious and properly equipped. The terrarium consists of an opaque tray, plastic transparent walls and a metal grating covering it.

As filler   it is best to use soft sawdust of medium size: too small can injure the skin, and hard and large - damage the feet. Clean the terrarium a couple of times a week (as far as contamination). The toilet corner can be cleaned a little more often, replacing the soiled sawdust with fresh ones to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

Guinea pig Skinny need a larger quantity of food   compared with conventional breeds, because they need more energy to maintain metabolism and body temperature. To the appetite of your mumps is not a problem for you, accustom it to eat at the same time twice a day. The Skinny's pig diet should be balanced and include solid feeds (20%), juicy feed (20%) and hay (60%). Solid food is needed to ensure that the rodent can grind his teeth. In the diet must necessarily be vitamins. It is preferable to give fruits, vegetables, apples, beets, carrots, etc.).

Guinea pig Skinny — a fun undemanding Pets to care for which under force even to the child. Naked Guinea pigs will certainly enjoy you thanks to its irregular appearance and docile nature .

Alexander, if the Guinea pig shakes his head, there may be several reasons. Young pigs are very mobile and are able to Express joy and to get rid of excess energy. It goes with age.
However, most often the guinea pigs shake their heads because of health problems. It may have parasites (for example, ear mites) or inflammatory disease (say, otitis). You must show your guinea pig to a veterinarian, he will take a scraping and put an accurate diagnosis.

hello, they say that if you buy black guinea pigs, then they paint our skin. Is it true?

please tell me the truth if you buy a piggy back skit kid then this is a big risk he can die

The fact that Guinea pigs skinny because of the lack of hair is more sensitive to temperature changes, so it is especially important to create optimal conditions. If all conditions are met (cage closed, it is not necessary in the draft, the pig is getting enough food, etc.), it is unlikely that the child faces. Well, do not buy too young Guinea pigs (under 6 weeks), they are difficult to keep at home.

Or maybe in hot weather the skinney should go down and rise in the cold? Today it was +26 it was cold right now, it became warmer, but hides in all the mink that sees, can be heated. tell me please! I took it to bed now on the bed, he climbed into the blanket and sits, you take it, again it breaks out and into the blanket. and now cold, but warmer than the day it's normal for a skinneck !?

Tell me please, I heard that if you breed different breeds of guinea pigs, then the cubs can turn out with low viability. What happens if you cross a skinny with a three-color short-haired guinea pig?

Tell me please, skinnies have something black in their ears, head, neck in combs, apparently trying to scratch in their ears. I can not really look at my ears, shakes my head. Maybe it's an ear mite?

Good evening, tell me, please, what can it mean if the mumps pigeon chews constantly on his hands and in a cage, although hay, vegetables, feed is enough. We are 4 months old, thank you

Yesterday I bought a skinny. Prompt for food: I correctly understand that hay should always be, but solid foods and other apples should be given strictly 2 times a day. Now I have all kinds of food in the cage around the clock

Good evening, my wound on the skin began to form wounds, as it bursts and terrible reddening. Tell me please, what can it be?

I Quote The Country Of The Soviets:

Tell me please, do you need any special skin care skinnies?

From time to time it is necessary to lubricate the skin with skin oil, and then gently wipe it with moist baby napkins and dab with a soft towel to dry completely

Lubricate the baby skin with oil, and on his hands there is as if something black. What is it.

I Quote The Country Of The Soviets:

Please tell me whether you need any special skin care skinny?

From time to time it is necessary to lubricate the skin with skin oil, and then gently wipe it with moist baby napkins and dab with a soft towel to dry completely

I do not recommend baby oil, because allergies can start. All individually and better consult with your doctor.

And do I need a cognac in a cage for Skinny.