The technique of "Crayfish"step


Note: it is Recommended to use for the edging tighter thread than the one which is associated with the main product. This will avoid twisting and give relief.

Trim edge crochet: schema


  1. In the last loop number is entered the hook, and then with it, the sky loop.
  2. Promazyvaetsya air loop so that a shortened end of the thread located between it and the working thread.
  3. Under the loop is entered the tool, there is a capture working thread and pulling.
  4. The result is two loops that need to purl.


In addition, the technique presented in the diagram below.

Beautiful binding edge crochet: video


  1. The hook is inserted under the loop, captures and extends the working thread (slightly longer than for dense-knit technique).
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Below are diagrams of two methods of execution "Crayfish step"