For those who are engaged in knitting, the technique "Rachi step" will become interesting. There are several of its types, the most common are dentate, airy, dense. With this technique, you can finish the edges of the product, decorate the necks, armholes. It allows you to create an unusual decorative element, and also allows you to hold the shape. In this way, you can make out a blanket, booties, a jacket, a blanket, a scarf and so on.

The technique of "Crayfish"step

Decorating products with the help of "The Rachyogo Step" is simple. Thanks to this strapping, the edge is harder, denser and thicker. The peculiarity of the technique consists in its execution from left to right on the front side. The principle is as follows: under both sides of the loop, a knitting tool is inserted, after which it pulls out a new loop, then grabs the thread and ties the two loops at once.

Note: it is Recommended to use for the edging tighter thread than the one which is associated with the main product. This will avoid twisting and give relief.

Trim edge crochet: schema

Dense banding of the rim is performed as follows:

  1. In the last loop number is entered the hook, and then with it, the sky loop.
  2. Promazyvaetsya air loop so that a shortened end of the thread located between it and the working thread.
  3. Under the loop is entered the tool, there is a capture working thread and pulling.
  4. The result is two loops that need to purl.

Thus, a sufficiently strong frame is obtained, capable of retaining the shape of the article. The sequence of actions can be considered in the photo.

In addition, the technique presented in the diagram below.

Beautiful binding edge crochet: video

If you want to create a more airy frill, there is another way to perform the technique:

  1. The hook is inserted under the loop, captures and extends the working thread (slightly longer than for dense-knit technique).
  2. The Cape is made, after which the tool is removed to the same place and again pulls out the loop.
  3. The result is three loops, including the cap. All of them are tied at one time.
  4. An air loop is loosened.

This design of the edge is interesting and airy. Many craftsmen prefer one more knitting method for this technique. It is a dentate "Rachyi step". This method of creating frills is suitable for the design of scarves, coquette and other clothing and its details. Video about dentate "Rachy step" see below.

Tying the edge of the shawl crochet: a diagram with a description

In order to make a beautiful shawl edging, you can use any of the above methods. There is another trick that will help make the design of the edge unusual. It consists in twisting the loop on the hook with the circular movement of the hand. Then it passes under the previously tied row and pulls the working thread. Next, the two loops are tied, as in the previous cases. The collection made in this way turns out to be more voluminous and embossed, which is suitable for shawls.

Below are diagrams of two methods of execution "Crayfish step"

The tied shawl will keep its shape, will not stretch and will get an attractive appearance. This technique is used to connect a coquette with a blouse, when making toys, decorating various canvases, knitted rugs and other things. It is suitable for finishing small parts designed for products in the Irish style. The advantage of the technique is its speed and ease of execution.

The name "Rachy step" is known to everyone who does crochet seriously. However, many novice craftsmen have also heard about this technique. To date, there are many video lessons, which are detailed and shown in turn the sequence of all the actions.