Today, there are many different hats on sale. However, with handmade products it is difficult to compare something. Therefore, mothers try to create a unique and beautiful thing for their child, in which warmth and care will be invested. There are many models and schemes of caps for girls, which can be used as an illustrative example.

How to knit a hat for girl knitting

To link a little girl's hat, you need to remember a few rules:

  • for young child suitable products in the muzzles of animals, in the form of fruit and other interesting options
  • bright headdresses are suitable for girls of any age;
  • for the spring option is the use of the free binding
  • winter cap should be connected tightly
  • welcome the use of different jewelry and accessories.

Note! To cap liked the girl, and she wore it with pleasure, you can discuss with the child the design, color and other details.

Knit hat for girl spoke: "model kitty"

The actual model for today is a headpiece in the form of a cat's face. Linking it is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. In addition, it is suitable for almost any clothing, being universal.

First you need to measure the circumference of the child's head, and then the resulting value is divided in half. The corresponding number of loops is typed on the spokes and 4 rows of garter stitch are tied. Next, add 10 loops, distributing them evenly. Continues viscous facial loops.

Note! To find the height, measure the distance from the lowest point of the occiput to the forehead, and then to the resulting value add 7 cm.

Having reached the required height, it is necessary to reduce 10 loops evenly, and after that make 4 more rows of garter stitch. Then the hinges can be closed. The result is a rectangle that you need to fold in half and sew on the sides. Next, you need to do embroidery to make a spout, antennae, eyes of the kitty. The ears are made by sewing both corners through and through.

Knitted hats for teenage girls

For a child of adolescence, as for preschoolers, products with different decor are suitable. In this case, the model can be simple, but due to the decoration it will look unusual.

To create such a product, you can use conventional or circular knitting needles. It is necessary to type such a number, which corresponds to the circumference of the head. First, an elastic band is made, the width of which depends on the wishes of the master. There are several variants of gum: 1x1, 2x2, 2x1.

When it is ready, the addition of loops begins approximately 3-4. After this, you should knit the front face to the desired height. When the product is ready, the loops are thrown onto the thread, then tightened. Ornaments are sewn on the head.

Winter cap for girls: the scheme

To create a headdress for the winter, you must choose a yarn with the addition of wool and other warm materials.

For the winter the model "with ears" will approach. At first 6 loops are typed, are tied with garter stitch, adding one at the end and the beginning of the next front row. When there are 20 of them, the addition is completed. Ears are made of the required length. Then the execution of the cap itself begins, as in the diagram.

To transfer, you need 36 and one additional loop, on each side is placed on the ear, on the back you need 32 (plus two additional ones). First dialed 17, then goes the eye, after that another 37 is added, then one more eye, then 17 loops. Four rows are tied with a handkerchief pattern.

Then the main part is tied. To do this, you can choose any pattern that you will like. As in the previous case, it is worth using a thread to pull off the top.

It is also worth making a lapel to make the headdress look more interesting. From below 35 loops are typed and it is bound by a placard pattern about 10 centimeters, and then the received part of the product is bent. For warming, you can sew a lining to the inside of the cap.