Many Thrifty Housewives will find the old clothes that concealed in a secluded place. Do not rush to throw it away. To unload the cabinets you can use. For example, to use old things to tie up of them nice rug. Handicrafts is not only a unique interior. Most importantly, they enclosed the soul of the master that makes these things even more valuable.

Rugs, crocheted from old things: video

The process of rug making starts with the search for unnecessary things. It is necessary to select appropriate wardrobe items, to sort them by color. It is important to imagine the future of the product think about it colours. After all, this depends on the choice of fabric. When the material is prepared, it is "yarn". But first you need to rip it at the seams, remove the excess thread. After the preparatory phase begins the process of manufacturing the product.

Video: how to make "yarn" for the Mat

How to weave rugs out of old things crochet

When unnecessary things that you plan to turn into a rug is chosen, you can start preparing the main material for knitting. You will also need scissors, a crochet hook large sizes. Clothing is cut into strips whose width is approximately 2.5 cm and Then they hit the road to tangle, escortreviews pre-shade.

Then you can start knitting, however, you must first learn to quietly tie "yarn" with each other. This is accomplished by using the slits around one of the edges. Then the bands overlap each other, so the slots match. Edge on top, passes through the hole and extends from the bottom. The result is a sturdy and neat joint.

Note: you Can join the band in the process or in advance to avoid distractions in the future.

The technique of knitting can be different: polostevichi using the net, hula-Hoop and other tools. The shape and combination of colors can also be varied.

Crochet rugs crochet for beginners of rags: video

The simplest scheme of knitting – circle with polostevichi. This so-called "grandma" method.

This way you can also perform the product of another shape, for example rectangular or square. It is advisable to use a hook with a long sturdy handle.

Video: how to tie a Mat of unnecessary things

Another interesting, but at the same time, the simple way – knitting "polytrauma". With this purpose, strips of old clothes about 20 cm in length. In this case, it all depends on the required size of the pot.

It is necessary to prepare a special grid which is freely available at the hardware store. To each cell is "attached" strip of fabric.

The rug is simply made of mesh material. For this purpose the cloth or fabric of self-production. In a place where it is planned to make the basis, staggered run of the slot. Then strips of the same length are stretched with a hook through the hole. Upon completion of the work, the ends are fixed.

Note: the Strip of fabric should be slightly longer than basis.

Presents ways of weaving is fairly simple to implement, do not require a lot of time, and the result exceeds all expectations.

Rugs from old things

The rug is knitted from unnecessary items of clothing, has a few advantages:

  • the lack of material costs
  • the ability to choose the design to your own taste
  • the speed of manufacture of the product
  • uniqueness.

But the main advantage is the possibility of using old clothes would still have to throw away, to good use. There are many ways to weave rugs from simple to more complex.

To execute such articles of old clothes and junk rags simply. You only need to carefully read the user manual and adhere to all recommendations. Spend a little time you can get a unique thing which will make their appearance and will create a cosiness in the house. It should be noted that many Housewives create masterpieces, using needles, or do not involve in workflow tools, making the weave with their hands.