Tildes - textile soft toys with recognizable style, the founder of this direction is Toni Finanger, a craftsman from Norway. Characteristic features of Tilda-dolls - eye-beads (often besides them there is nothing on the face of the character), a light blush, a pastel color range. Bunnies, angels and cats-Tildes are always well-nourished and ruddy, look very naive and cute, can keep accessories - birds, hearts, handbags, bows, etc. in their hands. Tilda is not only an excellent soft toy, but also an interior decoration, and the process of working on its creation is fascinating and meditative, helps to get distracted from daily worries.

Sew a soft toy in the style of Tilda with your hands: what do we need?

Dolls-Tildes can stand, sit and even fly. Favorite characters are craftsmen - angels, rabbits with long pink ears, princesses in lacy dresses, lambs, ducks and cats. Flying Tilda-cat is a favorite motive of needlewomen, it is easy to sew even for a beginner. Such a cat can be hung on the wall on a special loop, "give" a duck or a fish in its hands, make the limbs mobile thanks to the button and loop fasteners. In the network, you can find many photos with variations of Tilde, which will give room for imagination sewing.

To make a soft toy you will need a pattern - you can print it, redraw it, or even just circle it around the photo. Then stock up on all the necessary materials:

  • Marker on fabric will make work easier for beginners, but you can use a piece of soap or a pencil.
  • Small scissors, pinking shears.
  • Cotton, linen or other material of pastel shades for the body.
  • Small scraps of colored tissue – they can be used to create accessories or clothing.
  • Hollofayber, or any other cushioning material. Suitable even wool, but it will have a long time to bother to give the toy the required size and shape.
  • Wooden wand for getting your.

Sew a soft toy in the style of Tilda: progress

First, transfer all the details of the pattern to the fabric, using the vanishing marker. The seam allowance is 0.5 to 0.8 cm and depends on the material that the sewing machine uses.

Sewing patterns can be done on a typewriter or with your own hands, the main thing - accuracy. Badly worked seams will be visible after packing and spoil the soft toy.

Sew the character's hands to the body at a slight angle so that he can "hold" a basket of flowers, a heart, a flower, a fish or other object.

To sew the legs to the body after packing, use hidden seams, hide the threads in the body of the toy or in the side seams.

How to sew a soft toy: tips

Choose for sewing soft toy dolls of natural colors - sand, beige, terracotta. For character-people it will be an excellent imitation of skin color, and you can give the product brightness and individuality with the help of clothes, hair, accessories and facial expressions or face.

Use a good filler - sintepon or holofayber, do not save time and effort on stuffing. If it is not enough to fill a toy with quality, it will quickly lose its spectacular appearance. To make puppets-Tild with long arms and legs, you can buy a plastic tube, with its help it's easier to evenly distribute the holofiber.

In the process of making clothes for dolls do not hold back fantasy - you can use any fabric, make appliqués and embroideries, give the character flowers or shells. Shoes can be sewn, and can be made from scraps of artificial leather with an adhesive gun.

Soft toys from fabric: pattern

Patterns of Tilda and other soft toys can be found on the Internet or modeled independently. You can supplement the ready-made patterns: so if you want to create a natural relief of the face of the doll, the front of the head can be made not from one detail, but from two. At the junction of these details will be a bulge - the nose of the character.

Clothes for Tilde is also sewn pattern. The process of manufacture varies in complexity. The classic Tilda is nacelnik – parts of the body initially are made from a material different from the color of the body of the doll, so ready she looks like she's wearing a swimsuit. To "dress" a toy easier to sew ruffles or lace the skirt. Removable clothes need sewing patterns: Bunny can wear a shirt and corduroy pants, angel – in layered dress with lace or nightgown.

A soft piece of handmade art will refresh the interior of your room, help to awaken inspiration and distract from problems. If you are a beginner, use ready-made patterns that can be found on the Internet. Experienced needlewomen can create author's toys on their own sketches, especially since the general plan is quite simple for them. Therefore, a master who sewed at least one or two products himself can make his pattern.