Persian chinchilla — this is not the kind of cute furry animal. as you might think from the title. Persian chinchilla is amazingly beautiful cats of unusual color.

This breed of cat was really named after a South American rodent, but the fur of chinchillas-rodents and chinchillas, cats completely opposite. South American chinchilla fur with dark roots and light ends. A cat breed Persian chinchilla boasts thick fur with a white undercoat and dark tips .

The colour "chinchilla" means that the cat painted just the very tip of the hair (about 1/8 of the length), and all the rest of it is white or light yellow color. Thanks to such Persian color chinchilla has a coat something similar to the coat of the Arctic Fox, a silver-white fur, as if covered with a weightless dark veil.

Most often speaking "Persian chinchilla" mean silver chinchillas — just like the cat described in the previous paragraph. But recently these include blue, chocolate, lilac, tortoiseshell and Golden chinchillas. Exceptions were only cats with red or cream hair ends (tipping) — they are called red and cream cameo, respectively.

In fact, the Persian chinchilla, and it is not absolutely independent breed and a variation of the Persian, with a distinct color. In the United States, attempts were made to recognize chinchilla silver Persian as a separate breed, but they were not successful. Longhair silver and Golden chinchilla exhibitions are evaluated among other Persian cats.

As with all Persian cats, Persian chinchilla — calm, balanced, affectionate and trusting cat. This breed is quite smart, loves to be in human society. Their relationship with the host are of a very special character.

Cats of this breed — excellent mothers to their kittens. very caring and gentle. And educated in the home the kitten will be flexible and contact. He did not deliver to his master the slightest trouble.

Despite its peace and less inclined to adventure than some breeds of cats, Persian chinchilla can be quite moving and never misses an opportunity to hunt for mice. But it's pretty neat, and tries not to drop anything.

Persian chinchilla is characterized by endurance, unpretentiousness and good health. Caring for a cat consisted mainly of daily thorough grooming. Long hair chinchilla very quickly awry and covered with mats that have to be cut out — and that spoils the appearance of your beauty. Therefore, wool Persian chinchillas need to regularly wash, brush and comb.

Daily grooming Persian chinchilla begins with the removal of tangled strands and tangles. For this is good comb with a few teeth. Then take a clean comb and comb them drop down and dead hair. After that, take a brush with natural bristles with a long handle and carefully brushed the cat fur, paying special attention to the fur between the toes.

The Persian chinchilla, and the rest of the Persians, is characterized by two defects. They appeared from what breeders sought to improve the breed, but "like the best, but it turned out as always". The first defect is short flat nose. Deformed nasal septum interferes with Persian cats to breathe properly. The second defect is the tendency to blockage of lacrimal ducts. You need to regularly inspect your cat's eye as discharge from the eye can discolor the hair near the nose.

Persian chinchilla — incredibly beautiful and charming cat. can be a great pet (if you are not afraid of the necessity of daily grooming).