In early October, schools and other educational institutions of our country celebrate a wonderful holiday — teacher's Day. This day to congratulate dear teachers in a hurry, not only students but also their parents, colleagues and even former students. Along with beautiful bouquets they prepared greetings in verse and prose, memorable cards and a small gift. Popular and special Newspapers and posters, hand made and timed to the holiday. As a rule, the newspaper on the Day of teachers prepared by each class and then participates in school-wide competition. Therefore, it is important not just to a template of the poster, but be creative, pick an original drawing, photo, beautiful congratulations in the verses. In our today's article you will find some step-by-step master classes of wall Newspapers on the drawing paper with your own hands and learn what to write on a poster for the Day the teacher will find ready-made templates for posters.

The newspaper on the Day of the teacher with his hands on Whatman paper, master-class

The easiest and most popular greeting wall papers on the teacher's Day is a poster, painted on the drawing paper with their hands. First, this newspaper is always unique and made with love. Second, ordinary graph paper provides an unlimited space for creativity and to make a poster for teacher's Day can be whatever you want. And third, it is not necessary to draw a wall newspaper for teacher's Day with their hands on the paper completely. You can always add a poster clippings from thematic magazines, postcards and stickers.

The necessary materials for the school paper, on Whatman paper to their hands

  • Whatman
  • pencils, markers, paint
  • magazine clippings or printed templates
  • glue
  • scissors

Step by step instructions for the school paper, on Whatman paper to his hands, master class

  1. Let's start with the preparation of the paper for the poster. Of course, you can leave your sheet white, but then there is a high probability that your poster will blend in with the background walls and is featureless apart from other posters. Therefore, we recommend to toned drawing paper for a poster in any neutral color such as beige. This can be done with paints or feathered wax crayons.
  2. So the newspaper was bright and attracts attention, you need to make a small accent in the middle of the sheet. It can be a picture, sticker, cut out picture from a magazine. In our case, the centre of newspaper is a globe, painted with his hands. From the top of the poster make bright the words "happy teacher's Day!".
  3. Now for the congratulations. Possible options for the newsletter: a beautiful poem dedicated to the teachers, touching prose or words of gratitude. If in doubt what to choose, bet on the verses — they are timeless and look good on any poster. Greeting word placed on the wall newspaper just under the globe.
  4. To make it clear that the newspaper is devoted to teacher's Day, add a poster themed designs. For example, funny pictures of pencils, as in our case. And be sure to draw on the poster bouquet that will complement the festive theme. Note! Do not worry if your artistic skills leave much to be desired. You can always Supplement the newspaper on the Day of teachers for this master class templates from the Internet and clippings from magazines, pasted on paper.
  5. If you have a small congratulatory poem, on the newspaper will still have a lot of space that you need to fill to maximum advantage. For example, to place on the sides of the poster with two drawings open books. First, they visually make the poster more attractive. And secondly, these books in the newspaper will serve as the perfect template for personal greetings from each student in the class.
  6. Look closely at the finished version of the poster and think about what areas of the newspaper remained empty. We recommend you to fill them in small thematic drawings, such as school calls. Ready!

The newspaper for teacher's Day with your own hands with beautiful poetry master class

If you plan to create a newspaper with their hands on the teacher's Day with lots of congratulations, you should choose the option with beautiful poems of our master class. This newspaper is very simple to manufacture. The only thing that can cause difficulties for the collection of poems. We recommend for wall papers on teacher's Day with his own hands with a beautiful poems to write greetings on your own. But if such an option is impossible for the school paper, you can always find a ready-made poems on the network, slightly modify them or write in its original form.

Required materials for the newsletter on teacher's Day with beautiful poems

  • drawing paper or a large piece of thick Wallpaper
  • pencils
  • colored paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • gel pens or markers

Manual for the master class, how to make a newspaper with poems on teacher's Day

  1. As most of our Newspapers will occupy the verses, particular attention should be paid to the beautiful frame. For example, place a perimeter of the poster pattern of autumn leaves or the school calls. At the top of the poster, be sure to place a catchy inscription, for example, "Congratulations!".
  2. Now you should visually divide the entire area of the newspaper into several sectors depending on the number of teachers you plan to offer poetry. For each of them is to choose or compose a beautiful birthday poem. Then gel pens of different colors to write greetings, leaving the lower middle of the poster free.
  3. To poetry not mixed with each other, and the poster looked interesting, add a few pictures. For example, it can be themed sketches on the theme of school subjects.
  4. Now the lower part of the wall newspaper, complete the bright stars with the names of all students in the class. The stars can be of different shapes and colors. Cut their templates out of colored paper or draw on the poster with pencils. Ready!

What to draw on the poster with their hands on teachers ' Day

As can be seen from the workshops, the principle design of wall papers on the teacher's Day is quite simple in execution. The main thing — to allocate visually congratulatory part and complement it with suitable illustrations. But what exactly to draw the poster for the teachers Day with his hands that he was a bright and interesting? The options can be many, but let's look at the most popular. First, for illustrations of the poster will fit any of the traditional attributes of school subjects: images of call, stationery, subject details etc. secondly, to the poster on the teachers Day you can use and images of fairy-tale characters and animals. This subject will be especially important for posters in Junior high. And third, you can try to draw the poster for teacher's Day with his own hands of the teacher and students.

Templates wall papers on teacher's Day, photos

If you have a little time for the realization of the proposed workshops, and to draw a beautiful newspaper on the day of the teacher it quickly, you can find the templates with pictures that can be found on. These templates for posters on teachers Day are good because they can be printed in wide format and get a decent version of the poster on the flipchart. All that remains is to color the poster and add to the newspaper poems. In addition, this newspaper on the Day of the teacher may be issued at the request and the other drawings, photos of pupils and teachers, themed stickers.