What can you do with it? Yes, anything. Without it, for example, it is hard to imagine the culinary arts. If you add a few drops of lemon, you get a drink. It is used for cooking eggs, vegetables, and other products. But it is known not only for its "tasty" purpose. It is used for the manufacture of shampoos, paints and for other purposes.

The list of what can be made from water, flour, sugar, and glue

To prepare the paste at home, just use water, flour and glue. Sugar is usually added when the preparation for impregnation of fabrics when performing colors. It gives the material a Shine and elasticity.

When adhesive Wallpaper uses paste made of flour and water, after which it is possible to add a small amount of PVA glue. This tool is great for paper. If pokleit Wallpaper him, they will be hard to tear in the future. In order to reduce the characteristics of durability, it is recommended to cook the paste only from flour and water (4 tbsp and 1 liter, respectively).

One more application of such a combination of ingredients is known. Of these, you can make a lick. Although, in most cases starch is used instead of flour.

Do the slime from starch and water

Surely, many know who the lizun is. This is the hero of the famous movie "Ghostbusters". After the release of the film for sale among the toys, this unusual character appeared.

In appearance it resembled mucus could stick to any surface, and then not leave even a trace on them. To make this mixture can be at home.

On a note! In many cases sodium tetraborate is added in the preparation of lime. However, you can do without it.

Instructions for the manufacture of lime from starch and water without glue and sodium tetraborate:

  1. In a specially prepared receptacle is filled with 150 g of potato starch.
  2. Added dye (1/4 teaspoon). You can use any color at its own discretion.
  3. Poured 80 ml of cold water, constantly stirring the mixture with a spoon, or any stick to it has not formed lumps.5 note! According to some masters, you can add the liquid in which the cooked potatoes, because it contains starch.
  4. As far as mixing, you can see how the liquid turns into a viscous goo. This is the slime. It must be stored separately in a box, because the debris will stick to it, which will affect the properties of the toy. Note! To make the mixture thicker and more viscous, it is recommended to add a greater amount of starch. If you drop some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and then mix, the slime will not stick to hands.

We try to make slime without borax

There are several other ways to make a toy without sodium tetraborate. For example, when using gelatin and plasticine. This option is suitable for young children.

  • modeling clay – 100 g
  • gelatin – 25 g
  • warm water – 50 ml.

The instruction on manufacturing:

  1. Gelatin dissolves in cold water and then swells for hours. He then put on fire and bring it to boil (you need to stir constantly).
  2. In a separate bowl mixed with warm water and clay. You can use a wooden stick.
  3. When gelatin has cooled, it is added to the mass and thoroughly mixed.
  4. The mixture goes in the fridge to solidify. Note! Over time, the slime can stick to hands. In this case, it is recommended to add a little salt in a container, which houses the toy and gently shake. If the mucus is, on the contrary, became too dry, add a few drops of water.

Video what you can do out of the water with additives

On the YouTube channel there are videos that show how to make a lisuna. Based on this, it should be noted that there are a lot of ways to make it. A variety of ingredients are used, including sugar and soda.

Video: how to make lizuna without sodium tetraborate.

Video: how to make slime out of starch, water and vegetable oil.

Game: what can I make in Minecraft out of the water

In addition to reality, water is also actively used in the virtual world. As an example, you can take a game called Maynkraft:

  • the player is long under water, with the result that he runs out of oxygen
  • it weakens the light that passes through it
  • in the cold open biomes ice is formed
  • in the Lower world there's no fluid, but you can set a special block, which is obtained by using server console or third-party modifications
  • liquid can cause damage to the wanderer, Ifrit and Gast
  • in the game you can fill a flask or bucket.

And that is not all. To prepare a potion, the basis is water. Therefore, it is actively used in alchemy.

So, water is applied in all spheres of life. It is impossible to provide washing, cleaning, cooking. It is in the water to throw shrimp, vegetables and other ingredients that they cooked. It is part of a living organism. No one in the world can not exist without water, without it life is impossible on the planet. So the question, what can be done out of the water, can be answered endlessly.