For most women the home is the family nest. And each strives to fill the house with warmth, comfort and beauty. Basketry from vines of trees since ancient times adorned the homes of our ancestors. But the vine is not all of the trees suitable for such purposes.

Currently, for weaving baskets, bowls, and other crafts you can use the available materials — Newspapers and magazines. Free time and the necessary raw materials will help interesting and useful time.

Preparation for weaving from newspaper tubes

For weaving of tubes you need:

Weaving for beginners is better to see the process of creating a DIY video. Video tutorials will help you to visualize the necessary netting rules.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the necessary raw materials. Material in our case are newspaper and paper. They cut into long strips with a width of from 5-10 cm, depending on the desired density of the product. Cutting paper with scissors or you can use a box cutter.

Please note! To determine the direction of the fiber paper is simply to spend a few nails around the edge of the sheet. Longitudinal direction forms a bump, and when the transverse line of the cut will be wavy. In the procurement of tubes from the Newspapers it is better to use a longitudinal direction.

Then proceed directly to the creation of newspaper tubes. Take the cut strip and put it on the needle. Edge of the strip to tighten on the needle. The edge of the tube lubricated with glue and allow to dry.

In the same way should make at least 50 pieces. Their number depends on the complexity and size of the product.

In the preparation phase also should decide whether you will paint the tube before the process of weaving or will provide the necessary color already prepared the garland. For painting it is better to use acrylic paints or lacquers. They after drying does not make the surface hard, which is extremely important during weaving. The ducts should be flexible for easy operation and simply make the required form.

Weave the bottom of the newspaper tubes for beginners

You can now proceed to the process of weaving with newspaper tubes baskets or vases. And this will help our MC! Basket — a unique thing which can be used as a storage place of pleasant things, but also can be a unique gift made with your own hands.

Different types of products require different shapes, and, respectively, different base.

Square bottom may be suitable for small baskets or wicker caskets. Wicker box (or little box) looks in the interior are incredible!

Take a strip of cardboard and bend it in half. Using a paper hole punch is necessary to make holes for the tubes at a distance of 1-2 cm.

These holes are pre-prepared slips of newspaper tubes. Now take a paper vine and woven-in next to the cardboard. Over the first tube, under the second, over the third this alternation continuously repeats itself.

When it comes to newspaper extreme tube, make a turn around it and continue netting, but in the opposite direction. If the tube over, then deleiver to her next.

Continue weaving a square bottom to the desired size.

To weave a round bottom baskets beginning the first time it is better to read a detailed description or study of the scheme.

Round cardboard needed for the base. Take eight tubes and put, as shown in the image. For convenience, it is possible to consolidate Bellevue clothespins.

Take one tube and spanned four fixed.

Fix the tube again and spanned the next four, as shown in the image.

After the first round is over, continue weaving in the same way, only now captured four, and two tubes.

Continue to braid round the bottom of vases or baskets to the desired volume.

Step by step weaving from newspaper tubes

After the bottom of your DIY ready, you can begin weaving on the sides. So, do step by step!

Step # 1. Tube, around which was produced by weave, you need to bend to the middle.

On the bottom of the basket for convenience, you can put an item for Platania. This object can serve as a very ordinary glass or cube.

Step # 2. Weave the sides of the crafts continues exactly the same as the base. The newspaper tube is at first over one stick, under the second, over the third etc. If the tube is over, take next, and continue until, until the garland reaches the desired height.

Remember! All the rows of your weaving should fit snugly to each other, otherwise your work will be in vain and can disintegrate.

Step # 3. When the basket has reached the desired height, to the edges of the tubes using a bending and fasten office paper clips.

Optionally, between the rows of weaving your DIY paste ribbons or beads to the realization of your ideas. This will give your basket unique and unusual.

Step # 4. If you decide to give a certain color to the basket, but pre-twisted newspaper of the tube is not painted, now is the time to think about it.

For painting it is better to use acrylic paint and varnish, and also stain alcohol based. Water stain is better not to apply because the product may lose shape.

At this stage you can decorate your product with a variety of decor.

Step # 5. Stiffening. The easiest way to set your crafts is PVA glue. They need to fully impregnate the basket and give to dry properly.

At your discretion, to the garland you can add a pen or similar to make the lid and use as a box or chest.

A video of the process of weaving from newspaper tubes

In order to better understand all the intricacies of the weaving craft of the tubes, you can watch the master class video.

Photo woven from straws products

Crafts made with your own hands, have a special charm. They are diverse, as seen in the photo, is unique and reflects the inner thinking of their masters. Crafts from newspaper tubes can be a wonderful decoration of your home interior or an original gift. A variety of ornaments and patterns give the fakes the author's style.