Decorative Easter eggs with their hands – the most incredible, unusual and diverse crafts to the Easter. Artful beadwork, resembling jewelry Faberge eggs, unusual pieces of pasta, similar to a delicate gold filigree, beautiful pieces of paper and yarn in the technique of decoupage, which is the embodiment of the magic of referral hand-made... And that there are interior balls from scraps and satin ribbons in the style of "kanzashi" and "artichoke". They bring home the atmosphere of joyful celebration, the ambience of traditional Easter items, give joy and positive emotions for adults and children.

After viewing our best master classes with photos and videos, you will learn how to make extraordinary Easter eggs from the materials for the gift to the kindergarten or home decor.

Decorative Easter eggs with their hands in the kindergarten idea in the style of "decoupage"

"Decoupage" is an amazing technique that allows the most typical and unremarkable thing can turn into a real piece of art. But the most paradoxical fact that such craft do not have to use rare materials, tools, and skills. Enough to get the appropriate form of procurement, a few themed napkins with Easter pattern and several tubes of adhesives and varnishes. Besides, the idea of Easter eggs in the style of "decoupage" is a fresh and relevant – why not use them, making festive crafts in kindergarten.

Materials needed for decoupage Easter eggs in kindergarten

  • cardboard blank in the form of eggs
  • decoupage paper-grey and blue-green tones
  • acrylic paint white and blue color
  • decoupage glue
  • decoupage varnish
  • mother of pearl lacquer
  • stamps
  • pigment ink of black, Golden and silver color
  • a thin wire
  • decorative elements (cutting, carving, beads, lace, feathers, rhinestones)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glue gun

Step-by-step master class for creating decorative Easter eggs with their hands method of decoupage

  1. Foam or cardboard blank egg for decoupage paint with white acrylic paint.
  2. Prepare silicone rubber stamps in the style of "retro" or "Provence". Select black ink.
  3. On paper for decoupage Express black prints of the stamps.
  4. Tear the sheet into small pieces and glue them to the blank using a special glue.
  5. Using the stamp a different configuration, leave it on the egg covered with gold and silver prints.
  6. Cover Easter egg with matte varnish. After complete drying of the glue product white cotton lace with a silicone glue gun.
  7. Lace tie on top of the harness cord. Fix it with glue.
  8. The knot in the tourniquet, insert the beautiful decorative pen, a few stick pearl beads.
  9. Through top and bottom hole in the egg route the thin wire. The upper section, wrap the loop, and on the bottom put a few decorative items.
  10. In this technique it is possible to make a simplified version of the Easter egg. For this purpose the inner surface of the cardboard egg shells glue designer paper in blue-green tones.
  11. The outer surface of one of the halves color white acrylic paint.
  12. The second half of the repaint in blue color.
  13. From thin napkins or decoupage card tear off the desired pattern and glue to the center of the white of the shell using glue.
  14. Add in the same way additional prints in other colors.
  15. After complete drying of the glue Easter egg around the perimeter of polybutene or rhinestones.
  16. Stick to the product a decorative dragonfly. Easter egg with their hands in kindergarten in the style of "decoupage" is ready!

Bright Easter eggs with satin ribbons or flaps his own hands in the style of "artichoke"

Colorful Easter crafts – egg-style "artichoke" is an unusual and original decoration, created by the hands of satin ribbons and cotton rags. Colorful textile items with plaid and floral, is well combined in colours – ideal for that Easter eggs are not just a stylish decoration, but also spectacular festive gift for a loved one who appreciates beauty.

The necessary materials for Easter eggs from scraps and ribbons in the style of "artichoke"

  • blank foam egg
  • flaps four colors
  • a needle and thread
  • ribbons, lace
  • pins.

Master class with photos to create Easter eggs in the style of "artichoke" with their hands

  1. For creating Easter decor in the form of egg pick up four of the same cut of cloth of different colors.
  2. Cut an even number of rectangles of each color.
  3. To the Central part of the workpiece (top) attach the rectangle with 4 studs. Of the remaining rectangles to make triangles, wrapped two edges to the center.
  4. On in advance fixed rectangle on the blank clamp 4 triangles so that their corners met in the center point.
  5. With a small offset from the first layer, attach the second layer of triangles in a different color.
  6. Each subsequent layer is fastened with an overlap to the previous one. The corners attach with pins-studs.
  7. Lock the last layer on the bottom of the solid patch. To the top attach the loop or bow. This bright Easter egg of satin ribbons or flaps his own hands in the style of "artichoke" will be decorated with a symbolic tree or thematic composition.

Amazing Easter eggs with their hands out beads: master class with photo

A great fun way to spend family leisure on the eve of the radiant resurrection of Christ – to make amazing handmade crafts: cardboard baskets, felt bunnies and of course Easter eggs bead. Collect all at one table, bring out a scattering of colourful beads, roll a piece of the nylon thread and enjoy your handiwork for a pleasant family conversation.

The necessary materials for crafts "Easter egg bead" with their hands

  • the workpiece made of plastic or wood with a height of 6-8 cm
  • a thin bead needle
  • Czech beads of different colors
  • wax
  • nylon thread

Master class with photos to create Easter eggs out of beads with their hands

  1. The first randomly bead thread a needle with nylon thread three times. This way you can secure it to the end.
  2. Following the scheme, begin to weave a girdle for the Easter egg.
  3. Continue stitching the belt to the desired length – the amount of eggs.
  4. Connect the edges of the belt, threading through the extreme bead nylon thread.
  5. Below the belt is not hanging out on the workpiece, make an additional top and bottom row tighter.
  6. Start to braid the top, making the line the same color. To do this, wear one bead and pass the needle through each second to the existing row.
  7. Continue alternating bead colors, removing patterns. Perfectly blue-red-green-gold.
  8. Narrow binding beads, threading the thread through 2 or 3 beads.
  9. Finish the bottom head, subtracting the beads in the row. The middle make large beads or in the same small beads.
  10. Likewise, decorate the top top of Easter eggs.
  11. Instead of ornate openwork patterns can make regular parallel rows.
  12. Through the last bead three thread the thread to firmly secure it. Awesome Easter egg with their hands out beads at the master class. Find crafts worthy of a place in a festive interior or give the product to your dear person.

Easter eggs in the style of "kanzashi" – Handicrafts of satin ribbons

Stylish and elegant balls of satin ribbons in the style of "kanzashi" will be a great decoration to an Easter tree, mantelpiece, chest of drawers and even dining tables. Pearlescent ribbon gives the product a chic, primitive allows anyone to become an author of such beauty.

Materials needed for Easter eggs with satin ribbons in the style of "kanzashi"

  • foam blank egg
  • satin ribbon width of 0.5 cm
  • glue gun
  • decorative elements (sequins, beads, beads, etc.)
  • scissors

Master-class on making DIY – Easter eggs with satin ribbons

  1. The lower end of the net and skim the eggs will attach the two ends of the thin satin ribbon, using a heated glue gun.
  2. Gradually wrap the egg with ribbons, crossing over them on the ends.
  3. After each twist lock material hot silicone.
  4. When the egg is totally covered, cauterized the ends of the ribbon and firmly glue them to the bottom of the crafts.
  5. Simple weaving of ribbons creates an unusual relief on the Easter egg.
  6. When silicone is completely dry, decorate crafts decorative elements like flowers, beads, beads, die-cuts of wood or felt.
  7. Spend a little more time and make any decorative pedestal for the product. So, the Easter egg in the style of "kanzashi" as the handcraft of satin ribbons, will look even more impressive.

Interior Easter eggs with their hands from a pasta master-class with photo and video

Extraordinarily beautiful, almost perfect Easter eggs of pasta delight, sentimental, pleasing to the eye. But envy the owners of such decorative DIY is not worth it. Better to take up an ordinary balloon, get out the kitchen shelves all sorts of different pasta izdelia and make delightful Easter figure with their hands in our master-class with photos and videos.

Materials needed for Easter egg pasta with your hands

  • curly pasta
  • glue gun
  • PVA glue
  • a balloon
  • SD-disk
  • metal bell
  • paint gold or silver from the cylinder

Master-class on making interior Easter eggs of curly pasta

  1. Inflate the balloon to a suitable form of eggs (any size). Install the bulb on the stand and liberally lubricate with white glue. Gradually, attaching closely to the spaghetti makaronina, paste over the entire figure. Two sides leave round or oval holes, as pictured.
  2. While the egg is drying, start making the chapel. Using a glue gun, create a small column. Ready the chapel should be placed in a decorative egg.
  3. Glue the columns to the old SD-drive. Make a small neat dome. Fix the detail on the columns. On top of install glued makaronina of the cross. Under the dome hang the bell.
  4. The finished chapel will secure the egg. Front and rear cover with latticed window of long spaghetti. Using fantasy and imagination fabricate a stand for decorative Easter eggs.
  5. Paint crafts gold spray paint. Wait until everything dries completely.
  6. Interior decorate an Easter egg with their hands out pasta in different shapes with pearls, beads, bows, etc so the finished product turned out interesting, unusual and not overloaded with details.Фото58

Easter eggs with their hands out of macaroni and paper, beads and threads of satin ribbons in the style of "kanzashi" and "artichoke"... Options festive DIY a lot more. Choose the appropriate master class with photos and video and start creating Easter souvenir.