Decorative rabbits — very cute and funny Pets. Playful long-eared animal is sure to become a favorite of your family — both children and adults. But the rabbit lived a long and healthy life, you need to watch his diet. What to feed a Bunny?

Decorative rabbits are rodents. They have to constantly grind your teeth, this means that your rabbit will always something to chew. Since the plant food that makes up the diet of rabbits is not as nutritious as meat, rabbits have to eat a lot to get enough nutrients. So long-haired miles - those are still gluttons.

So, what to feed a Bunny that he was healthy and happy? The basis of the diet of dwarf and ornamental rabbits is hay. Both adult rabbits and small rabbits need to give unlimited amounts of hay all year round. Hay is useful for rabbit digestion - it helps the food to pass through the intestine. Regular use of hay helps to prevent common rabbit disease. the formation of lumps of wool in the stomach.

To feed a Bunny is best fresh grass hay. Quality hay   should have a pleasant greenish color and be fragrant. Hay must be dry, not wet. In quality hay for rabbits contains protein, carotenoids ("raw materials" for vitamin A), vitamins. Hay can be harvested independently, but keep in mind: the place where you collect the grass should be away from the road, and the grass should not be treated with fertilizers and pesticides.

In addition to hay, you can feed a Bunny special food. Typically, high-quality food has the appearance of green granules based on alfalfa. Good factory feed should contain crude fiber (at least 22%), proteins (at least 14-16%), fat (about 1%) and calcium (less than 1%). In the feed should not contain dried fruits, cereals, nuts, oat flakes, etc. They are too greasy for your pet. Feed can be given for a little - just as much as necessary, so that the rabbit has received useful substances in the hay and vegetables. Optimal feed rate - no more than 2 tablespoons. (20-30 g) per day.

It is generally believed that rabbits eat only carrots and cabbage. It is notfeed a decorative rabbit fresh vegetables need very carefully!   The digestive system is a weak spot of ornamental rabbits. Excess of fresh food leads to diarrhea, flatulence and other problems with digestion. Fresh vegetables need to be introduced into the rabbit's diet gradually, along with hay, and not instead of it! Vegetables should be washed and necessarily fresh.

What vegetables can you feed a Bunny?   Most vegetables with green leaves (cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, dill, basil, spinach, mint, celery, chicory), carrots with tops, tomatoes are suitable. But note that cabbage and broccoli can cause accumulation of gases, and zucchini, pumpkin and spinach weaken. With white cabbage in general you need to be very careful. Every day you need to give the rabbit different vegetables. It is important to feed it with vegetables that contain vitamin A (parsley, cabbage, carrots).

You can feed a Bunny a little privada fresh grass. adding it to the basic diet. The grass needs to gather far away from roads. Decorative rabbits useful yarrow, dandelion, plantain. Also rabbits need to give solid food   - they need to grind their teeth, which they grow constantly.

Decorative rabbits need large quantities of fresh water. It must be changed daily, and a bowl or a drinking bowl should be rinsed with hot water.

Let's sum up a little the results. Feed a Bunny can (and need!) hay, a small amount of good dry food, a limited amount of fresh vegetables, fresh grass (not any!), solid food for grinding teeth. Decorative rabbits contraindicated   sweet (including fruits in large quantities), products with starch content, commercial feeds such as muesli, harmful herbs, stale vegetables, food from your table.

If you will feed our cat properly and to comply with all other rules the content of ornamental rabbits. your long-eared pet be healthy and live a long life   (by rabbit standards, of course).

I don't poop rabbit why. good eats,drinks,writes but is not pooping what to do?

Perhaps, his diet is still balanced incorrectly. The main part of the diet should be hay. Try to temporarily transfer it to a diet of hay and water, every 3-4 hours give 2 ml of Vaseline oil and massage the tummy, if it does not help in the next couple of days - contact the veterinarian (if you can consult a veterinarian right now, it is better to do it ).

you can lay a decorative rabbit newspaper as a litter.

I quote the hacker max:

you can lay a decorative rabbit newspaper as a litter.

No, it is impossible, because printing ink can cause poisoning

They gave the rabbit. by ignorance, the whole carrot, about 10cm long, but thin. rabbit for 5 months. Now we are worried. what do you think.

you can feed rabbit mashed potatoes from carrots, she barely eats, is sick

you can give the rabbit a puree of carrots, hay and food can not eat, it's hard to chew. is ill

Hello, you can tell the rabbits to provide food:
“Triol”, 500 g
“Coniglietti GrandМix”, 850 g
“Junior Coniglietti” coccidiostats, 850 g
Feed “light” for rabbits 800g
if you can, which is better?

Help! Sos! Help! Rabbit bought and he does not eat carrots!

Help!Sos!Help! the Bunny bought a carrot he won't eat!

Do not worry so .. And if your rabbit does not have 4-5 months, then it is better not to give carrots. My half a year in general did not eat carrots, but then began to crack only so .. But still do not give a lot. One piece a day size 2cm for a 4-month-old rabbit will be enough, then you can increase to 4cm.Esche note that animals like people - in different periods give preference to different foods .. Still better hay and water (unlimited), food select individually

Please tell me why my rabbit takes in the mouth of hay all over the cage and collects it and does not let go, and when I start to take it from her, she snorts. What to do? Help. (

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