{!LANG-d44497c93c89e0de30824b3068e27b16!}Soup I love people from all countries of the world and prepare them according to their original recipes. The French can not imagine this dish without leeks, the people of Eastern Europe – without cauliflower and bell pepper, and Ukrainians and Russians – without favorite belokachannoy cabbage. In the winter, when fresh fruit is quite expensive, you can try the soup diet, the main course which is much cheaper. In one week you can lose up to 4 kg of excess weight.



So, diet menu. 1 day{!LANG-be588cd76a0e784ba2b90c10ef5e385f!}

2nd day. soup and green vegetables (fresh, canned or sheet) of corn, green peas and legumes it is better to refrain. For dinner – one baked potato with vegetable oil.

3rd day{!LANG-da2bee85b2504029487d44738bf15b57!}

4th day. soup, fruits and vegetables, including bananas and low fat milk.

5th day{!LANG-7d3ad4e4c8f95c2886994f61b441b41c!}

6th day{!LANG-c13f6b5c452098f4e26756378b5945a0!}

7th day{!LANG-f4773bd7c88f77743a59a6a5096f7114!}