Chinchilla is a very cute and funny animals, lovely Pets. When choosing a chinchilla many important is not only the nature and health of the pet, but also its color. Country Councils will tell you what are colors of chinchillas.

Natural color chinchilla grey color with different saturation. But homemade chinchilla can boast 40 species and 250 shades of colors. All of these colors were derived artificially from four dominant colors{!LANG-9640b46f4c5543582c3927dcfc44bbef!}

Colors of chinchillas caused genetically{!LANG-5929cee7968c98ee03e95c1f04b37dfe!}


Black velvet{!LANG-51eaf9b7afb96eab0e2f22151505105f!}

White Wilson{!LANG-9db9e1463ac53509ba59d9f5966718fb!}



Pink and white. The genotype of the pink-white chinchillas are standard, beige and white gene so the coat color of chinchilla white-pink color may vary from pure white with beige spots before pure beige with white spots. There are among them, chinchilla mosaic coat color (white Wilson), a white chinchilla with beige "veil" and even beige chinchilla with a white tail.


Beige violet{!LANG-666af7061e2a23aae733c2da15a3c954!}

Chinchillas colors {!LANG-a5565f09bd4c256c1ec9ee64b65bd044!} and brown velvet{!LANG-22ec19464a0f33e0b8263cfeb9451d45!}

Chinchillas, having in its genotype gene ebony{!LANG-07fc35cdf94f63a7361c496a24a34e04!}

Chinchilla color heterogene{!LANG-81905653c8d7030d50c0449669563bce!}

Chinchilla color Gameboy{!LANG-d731beae2461e2efebcafe6ec94218d7!}white heterogene. externally similar to chinchillas color white Wilson, but the spots on their fur are more rich and vivid. In color can prevail as white and black.

From pastel chinchillas (color beige heterogene ) the fur color can vary from brought beige to chocolate, the midsection of the same color or slightly lighter. Gomobile pastel chinchilla{!LANG-c390ab0ad0dc0f3d2e58f6e9920c4d92!}

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