Seven-time world champion in karate Billy Blanks in the early 90-ies of the last century, developed his technique of fitness training, which combined elements of dance aerobics, kickboxing, thekvondo and karate, accompanied by energetic music. This complex is called “Tae-Bo” and in the beginning of XXI century, has gained enormous popularity, surpassing even classical and step aerobics.


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As a result of lessons Tae Bo your body will become strong and beautiful because of active simultaneous work of several muscle groups

If you thoroughly decided to do Tae-Bo, your body required initial training. To do this, preferably 1-2 months to go to step aerobics classes. When the muscles get stronger, you can begin to Tae-Bo. For this you need any sports uniform or t-shirt and shorts made of natural fabrics. Choose shoes with nonslip soles and good shock absorption. Be sure to allocate the time, the main thing – the regularity, without skipping any workouts. Only in this case will be a positive result.

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