Over a hundred years ago Joseph Pilates he created a system of exercises strengthen the body. It was named after him and is now a popular and fashionable worldwide. Long-time Pilates do famous athletes, dancers and Hollywood actors. The main principle of the technique of Pilates is a complex influence on the human body.

Much attention is paid to building a strong muscular frame spine, a condition which affects the overall development of the entire body. When doing this kind of fitness work not only your large superficial muscles, but deep and small that require a special approach and specific training. Exercise system Pilates helps   develop a balance, improve the physique, giving the muscles of the press and back a more elongated shape, eliminate back pain, develop the respiratory system, flexibility and mobility of the joints.

Pilates refers to such aspects of fitness as “mind   (mind and body), which can be understood as a reasonable approach to actions on the body. Therefore, occupations require full concentration on the movements performed, the exercises should be done slowly and smoothly. All movements are unlike each other, diverse. They involve the work of a large number of muscles at the same time and require the right technique, although the number of repetitions can be minimal. Movements in Pilates gently stretch the muscles, making them longer and slimmer.

The program helps development of positive thinking and dealing with stress, learn to feel your body, helps to gain lightness and grace, and also produces rejuvenating effect. Classes will give you a good feeling and psychological comfort, the feeling of harmony of body and soul. You will learn to better feel your body, you will be less tired muscles of the neck, nape and shoulders, the joints will become more flexible, by improving the circulation each cell will receive more oxygen. Pilates has no age limit and gender, level of physical development and the parameters of the body.

It is useful to start this kind of fitness those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, causing their back problems, there is pain in the back. Women in the antenatal and postnatal period, when weight training can harm you, Pilates gives the opportunity to relieve your back and to tone the muscles and skin, to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, abs and pelvis. People suffering from diseases of the joints, Pilates allows you to train small muscle groups, which strengthen the shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow joints. With age, especially in women, there are problems with the veins and Pilates trains them well, improving blood flow throughout the body.

Also, this technique is perfect   overly active activists. After all, the cardio and force load in this case will take away the remaining forces from them, but Pilates will allow you to relax and rest. Physiotherapists and sports physicians recommend this system as a rehabilitation program for their wards, including those who have suffered spinal injuries.

Successful Pilates involves performing a few simple rules:   you need to concentrate and think about the muscles that you develop; you must learn to concentrate on the exercises; It is necessary to breathe not with the breast, but with the stomach (as in the practice of yoga), directing, with inspiration, a jet of air to the waist; Exercise should be done qualitatively and without pauses.