Why not just invented for the purposes of health promotion, prevention of various diseases and also merely entertaining to spend my free time. Fitball is a very good tool in the fight against excess weight and bad mood, which also has positive effects on the body. But about all under the order.

So, fitball came to us from Switzerland. It was created by the Swiss physiotherapist Susan Kleinfogelbach in the fifties of the last century as a rehabilitation gymnastics for patients with cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy). The method of fitball has spread all over the world since then, but in our country it has been used relatively recently - about 8 years, whereas in other countries there are more than 50.

Now every good fitness club can offer its clients classes fitball  - a program of exercises that are performed sitting or lying on a special gym ball. This kind of fitness is considered the most sparing for the spine and especially for the lower back. Because it is the lower back that suffers most from the stresses that arise when working on the abdominal press. Classes are conducted using a large elastic ball, which, like the program itself, is called fitball.

Exercises on the balls aimed at strengthening the muscles of the arms, shoulders, abdominal, back and pelvis, increase flexibility, and joint mobility, posture, useful for varicose veins, osteochondrosis, and arthritis. They train the vestibular apparatus, develops coordination, relieves additional stress on the spine. All this allows to deal with fitball for people with overweight.

A set of exercises to an exercise ball  good because it practically does not have a shock load on the legs. Therefore, even elderly people with damaged knee and ankle joints can engage in fitball aerobics. Due to vibration during exercise and the amortization function of the ball, metabolism, circulation and microdynamics in the intervertebral discs and internal organs improve, which facilitates unloading of the spinal column, improving the work of its departments, correction of lordosis and kyphosis.

Very useful are classes running during pregnancy. After this period the female spine, joints and the sacrum is exposed to enormous loads. The closer the date of birth of the baby, the harder it becomes expectation. It is the fitball, fulfilling the role of the support, enables the future mother to relax and get a better feel for their body, and thus easier to perform an exercise to stretch the muscles.

To choose the right ball according to your height.  If you are below 160 cm, then you fit fitball diameter of 65 cm, and if higher, then - 75-80 cm. And more: when you sit on the ball, the angle between the thigh and the shin should be 90-100 degrees. So you can pump the fitball individually for you. It should be soft and comfortable for you to feel and resilience. The fitball can withstand loads of up to 300 kg.

When choosing goals it is also important to decide on a color. which would be right for you. Such a science as chromotherapy studies the effect of color on the human psyche, it advises you to dwell on the color, which exactly at that moment your mental state requires. So, for example, red color increases vital energy, endurance, immunity, orange positively affects the work of the kidneys and hormonal balance, and green - creates a feeling of comfort and peace.